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Like still lifes coming to life:
The “Wall of Nature” series by the Spanish-Vietnamese photo artist Viet Ha Tran is based on Spain’s first vertical garden, one of the largest living walls in the world. It houses over 250 individual species and over 15 thousand plants. Her photographs capture the overwhelming experience of nature and bring it to life in an artistic frame overflowing with vibrant pinks, oranges, greens and purples.
The color intensity stems from to the original sources of the pigments: The colors of the photographed plants are mixed in with color essences of various rare beauties the artist encounters - snippets of snapshots, from a magical sunset to a charming old garden gate.
The photographer infuses the vibrant natural colors with new life, multiplying the energy endlessly, so that the viewer cannot escape the experience.
Like waterfalls of plants, the colors and blossoms tumble down and entrancing the observer of the spectacle. The color pattern is a fascinating combination of elements of art, architecture and botany. The photographs of the series seem like still images from a psychedelic daydream of the artist, opening doors to unreal worlds, fueling the imagination of the viewer.
Viet Ha Tran's creations focus on the depiction of landscapes, emphasizing imagination as a source of aesthetic experience and exuding an incomparable grace and power. With their thoughtful and lyrical touch, they appear fresh and timeless.
The award-winning studied artist is a member of the Royal Spanish Photographic Society, has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton and Vogue, her works have had numerous appearances on the Spanish news and are treasured by art collectors in over 30 countries worldwide.  
Through the multifaceted pieces in the "Wall of Nature" series, the living walls of Spain are no longer tied to one location: The artist's stunning photographs take our breath away – by breathing life into every wall.


2nd Place, Still Life Photography Contest, Royal Spanish Photographic Society, Madrid, Spain

Nominee Photographer of the Year, SINGULART AWARDS 2023, Paris
 Honorable Mentions in Fine Art Categories, IPA International Photography Awards
 Fine Art Nominee, Fine Art International Awards

 Honorable Mentions in Fine Art Categories, IPA International Photography Awards

Finalist, Siena International Photography Awards, Italy
Winner, Photography Category, Artslant 5th Contest, USA
 Honorable Mention, Fine Art Categories, IPA International Photography Awards

Semifinalist, National Digital Photography Contest Canson Infinity


“The Female Gaze” at Ducal Palace of Medinaceli, Spain
 "I FEMME", IE Library, IE University, Campuses in Madrid and Segovia, Spain
"Wall of Nature" at La Real Casa de Moneda (Royal Mint Palace), Segovia, Spain
"Dreams of Ophelia" at Galeria Materna & Herencia, Madrid, Spain

Solo Auction of “I Femme” for charity at Vietnamese Embassy in Madrid, Spain

“I Femme” at the Royal Mint of Segovia, Spain

“I Femme” at cultural center La Cárcel, Segovia, Spain

“Women Gaze” at the Royal Mint of Segovia, Spain
“I FEMME”, IE Business School, Madrid
“Summer Vibes”, Arte in Salotto, Milan, Italy

Summer Exhibition, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, UK

Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture, Edinburgh, UK

Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York Art Gallery, UK

NFT Collective Exhibition “Moments Past”, Saatchi Art at The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles
“Art in the Garden”, Arte in Salotto, Naples, Italy

NFT Exhibition at "Crypto Art Festival Tokyo", the world's largest NFT exhibition, Tokyo

"Captures" at Gallery Espai Cavallers during Luminic Festival, Spain

Pop-up NFT Exhibition "Women of the World", at NowHere Gallery, New York

"Delicias con Arte", Railway Museum of Madrid, Spain
“Botanical Beauty Tales” at Arte in Salotto, Milan, Italy
2020“Hopes and Dreams”, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

“Facing Futures: Contemporary Portraints”, Barnard Gallery, South Africa
“Femmes Capitales”, Galerie de Thorigny, Paris, France
Galería Gaudi Madrid

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, represented by Galería Gaudí Madrid

"The Tales of Art", Ojas Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
"Art and Artist", gallery Espacio Cultural Abierto, Madrid

Palacio de Medinacelli, DeArte Foundation, Madrid

Auction by Christie´s Hong Kong for International Child Protection Fund, Hong Kon
"Self-portraits from here till elsewhere", DansMonLabo, Paris

Galerie Sophie Lanoe, Paris

"Night Contact" at Brighton Photo Biennial, United Kingdom

Digital Exhibition on 2nd Floor of Saatchi Gallery London