Which LUMAS editions can I choose from?

You can choose between four different LUMAS editions. Among the Master Editions you will find limited edition and signed works by the most important contemporary artists. With a Limited Edition you acquire a limited edition and signed work by an established artist or newcomer. Open Editions are bestsellers and classics of photography and film history in a smaller format and in unlimited editions. LUMAS ART NOW are our works of art in small format. They come with a greetings card and envelope for sending, as a gift or to collect yourself.

In which sizes is my work available?

Limited editions are available in up to three sizes in consultation with our artists. Our Open Editions and the LUMAS ART NOW are available in a single fixed size.

How will my work be refined?

We laminate the photographs on Alu Dibond and under acrylic glass. For this purpose, the photographic print is seamlessly carrier plate made of aluminum ("Alu Dibond"). This plate is extremely dimensionally stable, even with large formats. We also laminate the work under shatterproof, crystal-clear acrylic glass. This protects the photograph and gives it additional brilliance and depth..

Can I have my work individually finished?

Yes, you can choose between a photo print, a framing and mounting specified by the artist or suggested by our curators. framing and mounting suggested by our curators.

How can I have my work framed?

You can choose between framing and mounting recommended by the artist or our curators. Depending on the work, we offer you the matching shadow gap frame, solid wood frame, showcase frame, passe-partout frame or the ArtBox - in different colors and profile widths. Incidentally, we manufacture our frames from solid real wood in our own frame factory in Germany.

Can I purchase a work with a passe-partout?

Yes, we also have many works with passe-partout in our portfolio. This mainly concerns the Open Editions and some Limited Editions in medium format. For our passe-partouts, we only use high-quality museum museum board from Hahnemühle, which is guaranteed to be free of acid and wood fiber.

How can I hang up my work?

Safe, simple and immediate. Because we deliver every work with a pre-assembled professional suspension system. Our LUMAS ART NOW can also be magnetically attached or set up. Here you can find more tips around the hang up pictures.

What do the Bestseller, Last Prints and Gallery Only statuses mean?

The status of a limited edition provides information about the remaining stock and therefore the value of the work. If an edition Bestseller -status is reached, at least half of the available copies have already been sold and the print price increases by 25%. If 75% of the works have already been sold, the price increases by 50%. As Last Prints geditions that are only available at 10%. In this case, the print price increases by 100%. A Gallery Only work will no longer be newly produced. You can then only purchase it on site in the LUMAS galleries.

How much does my LUMAS work cost?

Many of the LUMAS Open Editions are already available from €129. The LUMAS ART NOW always cost $34. Our limited editions are already available from € 399. Depending on the choice of lamination and framing, the price may vary. Depending on the number of copies of a limited edition sold sold, the price of the remaining copies increases - and with it their value. This increase in value is staggered into Bestseller, Last Prints and Gallery Only. Our Master Editions/a> The price fluctuations are subject to normal market fluctuations, which are heavily dependent on demand.

Do I have to have a customer account to be able to order?

No. You can also order from LUMAS as a guest. During the ordering process, we will ask you for your login if you already have a Customer account or your address if you would like to order as a guest. We will use this address as your billing and delivery address. You can enter a different delivery address in the next step of your order.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, after you have completed your order online, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Can I change my order?

No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change an existing order. If you would like to order another work, simply place a new order. If you would like to change the works you have ordered or book a premium delivery service at a later date, you can cancel the existing order and place a new one.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, please contact our customer service team for a cancellation request at +49 30 30 30 69 69 ( Mon–Sat 10am–7pm (GMT+1) ) or contact us via e-mail. After successfully checking and canceling your order, you will receive a confirmation email and the outstanding amount will be refunded to you.

What payment methods are available to me?

At www.lumas.de/en/ you can pay conveniently and securely by Direct debit, PayPal, credit card (Master Card, VISA), Klarna or on account. With direct debit the invoice amount is debited directly from your current account. This is only possible from a German bank account. To pay with PayPal to pay, simply log in to your PayPal account, review your order and release the payment. authorize the payment. Credit card payment is possible with Master Card and Visa. With the Purchase on account you will receive a PDF invoice with the shipping confirmation e-mail. Please transfer the invoice amount to the following account within 7 days of dispatch, stating the reason for payment:

Account owner: RatePAY GmbH
Bank account number: 190861500 BLZ: 100 400 00
IBAN: DE85 1004 0000 0190 8615 00
Bank: Commerzbank AG
You will find the intended use on your invoice.

To purchase on account, you must enter your birthday for identification purposes.

The payment provider for purchase on account is RatePAY GmbH, for credit card payments Adyen.

With Klarna Installment payment allows you to split your purchase into several payments and spread the cost of your purchase. With monthly financing, you can spread your order over scheduled monthly payments. You can select Klarna as your payment method at checkout.

With Klarna PAY IMMEDDIATELY you can pay with a VISA, Mastercard or AMEX card in the shipping country Germany/Austria. If you live in Germany/Austria, you can also pay for your purchases by direct debit at the checkout. The payment will be debited from your bank account when your order is confirmed.

With Klarna INVOICE you can buy now and pay later. This option will be displayed at the checkout for the shipping country Germany/Austria if you are authorized to do so. If you are not authorized, you will still be shown the "Pay now" options. You will receive information on how and when to pay once your order has been shipped.

With all Klarna payment options, you will be forwarded directly to Klarna after submitting your order to process the payment. After you have entered some personal data, you will immediately find out whether you are approved for Klarna. You will receive all payment information from Klarna. You can also manage your orders and payments in the Klarna app. For more questions, read Klarna's full FAQ page.

Please note that LUMAS cannot provide any information as to why the "invoice" or "installment payment" options are not available to you. If you have any questions about payment, please contact Klarna's customer service.

How can I purchase a voucher?

You can gifts voucher worth 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 euros conveniently online or in one of our galleries. Choose between a last-minute voucher and our gift box with voucher card. The last-minute voucher will be sent to you immediately by e-mail. You will receive the high-quality LUMAS gift box including gift card by post.

How secure is my online payment?

Your online order is secured by modern SSL encryption. This means we fulfill the modern standards for online purchases and guarantee you the most secure payment transactions at all times.

EU directives since 14.9.2019: credit card payments are now made with two-factor identification PSD2 (3D Secure)

The new two-factor identification PSD2 is now required for credit card payments. This works as follows for your LUMAS purchase:

If you decide to pay by credit card, first enter your credit card details as usual on the LUMAS website. In the second step you will be directed to a new website where you can use two-factor identification to identify yourself to your bank as the legitimate cardholder. to your bank.

A second factor is requested here that verifies you as the owner of the card. This can be a code sent to you by your bank, your fingerprint, which you use to activate the payment in your banking app, or by entering personal information such as your date of birth. What exactly this second factor is that identifies you as the cardholder depends on your bank.

It is important that you take action in advance and have two-factor authentication activated at your bank. Only when this has been done, online purchases with a credit card are possible without any problems. At LUMAS, as with all other online retailers.

Since September 14, 2019, paying by credit card has become much more secure and modern - including for your LUMAS purchases. The new, more modern EU payment guidelines make your purchase doubly secure with two-factor identification. The process is called "Verified by Visa" for Visa cards and "Mastercard Identity Check" for Mastercard cards. If fraud occurs despite this two-factor identification, your bank will be liable from now on.

How can I redeem a voucher?

Select a work on our website and add it to the shopping cart. During the order process, you can enter your voucher code in the field provided. By clicking on "redeem", the equivalent value will be deducted from the total price. Alternatively, you can redeem your voucher in one of our galleries, as long as it is not a pure online voucher.


We charge the following shipping costs for shipping within Germany, special art packaging and insurance of your work:

Longest edge (cm) Standard Delivery Premium Delivery
Print €9,90 -
0 – 30 €4,90 -
31 – 60 €6,90 -
61 – 99 €12,90 -
100 – 124 €14,90 -
125 – 200 €29,00 +€73,00
201 – 279 €99,00 +€89,00
How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time is approximately 10 days. The delivery time may vary depending on the size, weight and shipping carrier.

Which delivery options can I choose?

You can choose between standard delivery and premium delivery service. With the standard shipping we will deliver your work in special art packaging to the specified address. The premium delivery service includes coordinating the delivery time by telephone, delivery by two people directly to your premises and the subsequent optional optional collection and disposal of the special packaging. When making the appointment by telephone, please inform the forwarding agent of your wish to of taking the packaging with you and of any special features of the delivery, such as the availability of an elevator or the floor. Due to insurance regulations, it is not possible for Premium Delivery Service employees to open the packaging. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, the packaging must be kept for the return.

What is delivered with the package?

In your package you will find the delivery bill and a guide with practical tips on how to care for and hang the work.

Which shipping partners does LUMAS work with?

We work exclusively with certified shipping partners. These vary depending on the size of the work ordered and the country of delivery. The companies we trust include DHL, UPS, Hermes, DPD, FedEX and GLS.

To which countries can my work be delivered?

If you order at www.lumas.de/en/, we will deliver to the country of your choice.

Can I collect my work from a LUMAS gallery?

No. We ship orders in our online store directly to your home.

Can I arrange a delivery date?

Yes, with our premium delivery service, we will contact you by phone and arrange an appointment of your choice. Select the Premium delivery service in the shopping cart.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes, when the goods are dispatched we will send you a dispatch confirmation including a tracking number, which you can use to track the status of your order at any time.

What happens if my work arrives damaged?

If the work arrives damaged, please contact us at +49 30 30 30 69 69 ( Mon–Sat 10am–7pm (GMT+1) ) to our customer service. We will collect the work from you free of charge. Alternatively, you can return it to one of our LUMAS galleries. For documentation purposes, we always require a photo of the damage. After the complaint, we will immediately initiate the production of a new work for you. We will remove the damaged picture so that the limited edition does not increase.

What advantages do I have with a LUMAS customer account?

You can view all orders and track their status in your customer account. Here you can enter your billing and delivery address. You can even save multiple delivery addresses, which you can select with one click for each order. select with a single click. In addition, you can easily sign up for our newsletter and be the first to receive information about our new works, exciting background information about the artists and many attractive offers. and many attractive offers.

How do I create a customer account?

Create your personal customer account via the main menu or after placing an order as a guest. To do this, click on the person symbol at the top right of the main menu (if you are using a mobile device, you will find the symbol in the menu at the top left, which opens with the three-bar icon). Then fill in all the fields on the right-hand side ("New to LUMAS?"). If you have ordered from us as a guest, we will ask you for a personal customer account on the confirmation page. Select the appropriate checkbox and enter your e-mail address. You will then receive an e-mail with a link to set your password. You now have access to your customer account. The billing and delivery address you entered with your last order as well as your last order are automatically automatically stored in your customer account.

How can I get advice?

On our website you will find numerous tips on the topic of Buy wall pictures. Take a look at our inspiration section and LUMAS Art lexicon over. Discover also #MYLUMAS: Here you can see how other LUMAS customers stage our photo art. Of course we are also you personally on site in one of our LUMAS galleries.

I have another question. Who can I contact?

Is your request not listed? Then contact our LUMAS customer service via E-MAIL , Online chat or by phone at +49 30 30 30 69 69 ( Mon–Sat 10am–7pm (GMT+1) ). Of course, we would also be happy to advise you personally in a gallery near you. You can find the opening hours online on the relevant Galleries-page.

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