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Get an overview of our portfolio and simply choose one of our thematic areas. Popular motifs include animals, cities, or black and white images. In addition to architectural pictures, portraits, and abstract acrylic glass pictures, you can also buy erotic wall art, flower pictures with fascinating flower compositions, or summer pictures or winter pictures as art prints. Be inspired and discover your personal favorite!

Wall pictures with animals

Cityscapes as inspiring pictures on the wall

Landscape pictures as wall art

Black and white wall pictures

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Your choice of wall art influences the atmosphere of each room. Decorate your living spaces with the right pictures according to your own style and create your personal oasis, whether it's in the kitchen, children's room, bathroom, guest room, or your own office.
It's especially cozy when the decor and wall decoration complement each other harmoniously. Discover inspiring living room pictures or dreamy bedroom pictures and find the perfect pictures for your apartment - whether individual pictures or triptychs!

Mood-Enhancing Wall Art for the Living Room

Calming Wall Art for the Bedroom

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Fresh Wall Art for the Bathroom

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XXL Wall Art

XXL Wall Art: Werner Pawlok: Solat Habana y Amargura II

The LUMAS portfolio includes different types of editions in every price range, from small pictures to large formats. You can find smaller works among LUMAS Petites and Open Editions. The overview of our editions will help you. Discover classics of the history of photography and film, as well as highly successful LUMAS wall art.

Our limited editions are signed editions of usually 75 to 150 copies in outstanding quality. Secure your favorite motif quickly, because these pictures are particularly likely to increase in value quickly. We deliver all wall art with an edition certificate. In addition to essential information such as format and dating, it also includes the total edition, the consecutive number, and the signature of the respective artist.

Among the Masters, there are wall art by internationally renowned artists. These are represented in internationally known museums and galleries and are highly priced. Discover our cooperation with The Skateroom: Iconic art prints by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat find a new presentation form as direct prints on skateboards.

small Wall Art

Grid hanging with murals by Heiko Hellwig

Large Wall Art

Small Wall Art

Wall pictures with frame

Wall pictures by Man Ray with wooden frame

Presentation is part of the art experience. That's why we coordinate the staging of each wall art closely with the artists. For each work, we choose the right framing or optimal mounting. All frames - whether made of solid wood or aluminum, with or without glass - are custom-made and millimeter-precisely adapted to the respective picture.

Depending on the motif, you can choose between different wood frames and mounting on aluminum Dibond. Shadow gap frames and matboard frames give the photo print a classic and high-quality look. Our matboard frames are finished with high-quality, glossy float glass.

Wall art mounted on aluminum Dibond is seamlessly connected to an aluminum panel. This modern technique effectively showcases particularly large pictures. Works gain even more depth and brilliance through the addition of an acrylic glass panel. Due to its smooth surface, acrylic glass pictures appear even more colorful and vibrant than, for example, canvas prints.

Let us take you into the colorful world of photography and find the perfect picture for your wall. Explore our diverse selection of themes, from exciting panoramas to decorative still lifes. Whether wood frames or mounting on aluminum Dibond: you can customize your favorite motif or follow the recommendation of our curators and artists.

Picture with neon frame:

Picture with neon frame:: Arpoador Rock, Rio von Rogério Reis

Optimal Arrangement of Pictures

Hanging Tips: Optimal Arrangement of Pictures

  • At LUMAS, you can get pictures for the wall in many different variations. From the motif to the artistic technique to various sizes and formats: Each picture has a different effect in the room. For example, a panorama emphasizes long, narrow spaces like a narrow hallway with its width. The height of a room is impressively showcased by large formats. Multi-part pictures and sets consist of multiple individual pictures that are arranged to create a complete work of art on the wall.
  • In the salon style hanging, pictures with different formats and frames are presented on a wall. It's not about the individual picture but the interplay. Even spacing between frames and imaginary lines on which the wall art is aligned provide structure.
  • For more organization when composing multiple pictures, choose works of the same size. Identical frames and matboards enhance the effect when presented in a strict grid and equal distance from each other. This grid style hanging is particularly suitable for similar motifs. LUMAS offers wall art that is color-coordinated, thematic, and designed to complement each other in terms of their composition. Therefore, the pictures are ideal for harmonious arrangements and compositions on the picture wall.
  • Wall art of different sizes and designs can be placed appealingly on gallery rails or a picture ledge. The simple ledges have a small edge to prevent the pictures from sliding forward. Another advantage: you can rearrange the pictures as often as you like and align them as you wish - even overlapping.
  • For more helpful tips on how to hang your wall art optimally, check out the LUMAS guide on hanging pictures.
Wall pictures with the same frame

Catherine Losing: Lost in the Supermarket (l.), James Wojcik: Pearls in a Pod (r.)

Your Wall Art in the Highest Quality

Our goal is to offer your desired motif in the best possible quality. For this reason, we do without some manufacturing techniques whose visual effect does not meet our quality standards. These printing techniques include wooden pictures, canvas prints, foam board pictures, wall posters, or reproductions on stretcher frames. When you buy a LUMAS wall art, you can be sure to acquire a durable and exclusive product made from high-quality materials. Our acrylic glass pictures, for example, consist of a high-quality photo print laminated onto an aluminum Dibond panel and mounted under acrylic glass. Learn more about framed pictures and discover our hardwood frames, shadow gap frames, and much more!

Despite the high quality, you should only display wall art indoors and not outdoors, as strong temperature differences and humidity can damage the prints. Other providers often present wall art as a splash guard between the stove and the kitchen wall. However, the high-quality LUMAS wall art is unsuitable for this use. With a LUMAS work, you acquire exclusive photographic art that deserves a special place on your walls! Since household cleaning agents and liquids can damage the surface, we recommend simply wiping the works with a microfiber cloth to clean them.

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