Bathroom Wall Art

Bathroom Wall Art

The bathroom is a crucial part of any home decor concept. At Lumas, we curate fine art specifically for your interiors. Our portfolio was composed with your home in mind! Check out our bathroom wall art ideas, and discover our specially curated bathroom artworks below!

Bathroom Wall Art Guide

The right theme for your bathroom decor

Autumnal landscapes, modern farmhouse decor, black and white art, and aquatic themes like ocean photography are some of the most conventional choices for bathrooms. Below are a few of our curators' unique style recommendations!

Bathroom Abstract Wall Art

One of the most interesting themes for a bathroom wall decor scheme is abstract art. This art genre is calming, stimulating and perplexing. Abstract artworks encompass a wide array of motifs, colors, and scenes. Portraits by Loui Jover are a sophisticated choice, especially for a bathroom with bright colors. Below are some high quality abstract art ideas, specially selected by our curators to redefine your bathroom space.

Forests Wall Decor

Forest landscapes come in many shapes and colors. Our collection of forest photography contains misty forestscapes and primeval woodlands. Turn your bathroom into the Amazon with exclusive artworks by Stephanie Kloss, or discover Japanese bamboo forests with André Wagner. Below are some limited edition forest wall arts, carefully selected by our curators to transform your bathroom space.

The Masters

We often place the bathroom among things better left private and unaddressed. However, in addition to being one of the most heavily trafficked rooms of a home, the bathroom has for millenia stood out as a prime example of human culture. There is no better way to acknowledge this fact than to treat it as the place of refinement that it is. Discover our works by the art superstars Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Marc Quinn or the paragon of elegance, Edward B. Gordon.

Bathroom art

Working with your bathroom's space

Space is a real thing, measurable with a ruler. However,space is also an experience. It is the way that the physical dimensions of an artwork, or the depth or dynamic of a theme plays off of the dimensions of a room. Positioning plays a big role in determining the type of art piece or wall hangings we purchase. A panoramic artwork over or opposite the bathtub is a great choice. Also as an example, a more vertically oriented print, hung parallel to the mirror above the sink might be the best choice, as it could leave an impression while guests wash their hands.

In a larger bathroom, consider a lenticular. Lenticulars are those artworks which change as you change your position. In order to achieve their full effect, a viewer needs space to move side to side. They are best suited for bathrooms with "hallways." In wider and longer hallways, they dazzle the viewer. In narrower hallways, they can induce a pleasant sort of vertigo, as the viewer's experience of the bathroom is suddenly the experience of a room with unexpected new dimensions.

A conventional bathroom is a small space. Here, small classy bathroom wall arts can make a big statement. Think about an artwork with a square orientation, with its symmetrical dimensions, it consolidates space within itself, rather than trying to maximize space vertically or laterally. That means that it would not take up all the physical space on your wall, and can be placed in exact spots, which are the focal points for a viewer. We have an array of modern bathroom wall arts below, which can be used to tell a story, or personalize your space.

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