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Guest Bedroom Art Decor

If you're a frequent host, then a separate guest room is a must. When friends and family visit, it's nice to be able to provide them with a room lovingly furnished with art. Discover our ideas for decorating your guest room, and ask what to look out for when choosing your decor, which artworks create an oasis of well-being, what rooms are suitable as a guest room, and which hangings are also suitable for small guest rooms.

Furnishing guest rooms with art

The right furniture for your guest room decor

Not every apartment or house has enough space for a guest room. Most of the time a guest room is a multifunctional space: study, living room, hobby room, or storage room all in one. Nevertheless, with the right arrangement and functional furniture such as a sofa or a pull-out bed, a closet or chests of drawers, you can create a separate area for your guests. A private space for your guests is important, even if you live in an apartment where space is limited. For example, you can separate a small guest room from the living room with shelves, room dividers ,or screens. Think about how to darken an open room concept: curtains and roller blinds provide the necessary privacy, and nights undisturbed by bright lighting.

Comfortable furnishings for the guest room

comfortably furnishing the guest room with art

Room feel isn't just something for the most frequented rooms of the home. No matter if your guests stay two nights or two weeks: comfort is a must for as long as they visit. Provide fresh towels and washed bed linen. A few extra blankets or throw pillows and other bedding will make your guests feel comfortable. Stow them away in cupboards and chests of drawers. You don't necessarily need to provide a separate wardrobe for your guests' clothing.

Artworks which complement these furnishings can take your concept a long way. For art in the guest room, the following applies: "Decorate with style - and with restrait". A turnstile of guests means a frequent changeup in terms of artistic taste. Whether for grandma or your teenage cousin - with calm, atmospheric motifs in a color palette that matches the rest of the furnishings, you can't go wrong. You don't have to create a sterile hotel atmosphere, but keep a broad audience in mind for your guest room design concept.

A few coat hooks and a chair can also serve as a coat rack. A bedside table by the bed or pullout gives your guests a storage space. A reading lamp or fresh flowers on a small stand is a thoughtful addition.

Our curators' decoration idea: in a shelf or on a chest of drawers, design objects are featured to their best advantage.

By making the most of the space as it is, you can go beyond the average wall decor concept. That means paying close attention to the size and shape of the room, and selecting the size, format, color, and motif of an artwork accordingly. Flower art is extremely versatile, and the traditional motif means that you can safely feature both muted and bright tones in a neutral zone such as a guest room. But if the room is bright, its space is divided up eclectically, or if the signs of its repurposing from a living room or a home office are plain to see, then a decision is at hand. You can either "stabilize" a room with calm colors, conventional motifs, and traditional size and format, or you can pursue an ecclectic design concept to its logical conclusion: consider offbeat formats, like multi-piece artworks, or wild, abstract artistic motifs.

Furnish guestrooms with photography and art prints

Pastel colors are discreet and create a fresh atmosphere.

Pastel colored art introduces a narrative, storybook atmosphere, and sets soothing accents in a room.

Landscapes are a popular motif for the guestroom.

Forest and ocean photography radiate peace, and open up a room to unexpected energies. Explore our entire collection of landscape art.

Nature artworks are suitable for all guest room decor concepts

Floral photography, impressionist landscapes, and beach artworks are an attractive and safe option for many different tastes.

Panoramic decor concepts open up the room

Vary art by themes and seasons with a broad selection of panoramic art.

A bit of rust goes a long way

A rustic decor scheme is a popular option. Farmhouse and country style art makes for a lovely rustic vibe in a spare room.

Give the gift of art - or gift an idea

Our collection of art gifts contains a number of prints and objects for a wall, shelf, or guest bedroom banister. If you're a guest? Gift the perfect host an art gift certificate, and let their inspiration run wild!

Hanging art correctly in the guest room

Guestroom art with Petersburg hanging

In most cases a guest room is rather small: for example a bedroom designed for visitors. Large open walls are often in short supply. We recommend that you concentrate on a single piece when hanging it. As a soloist, the statement piece will unfold beautifully. A classic option is to hang your print or other work horizontally over the bed.

You can also combine several small works in a loose arrangement. The Salon style arrangements combines many individual elements into a harmonious whole. It is also a suitable option for framed art - but in that case, also account for how the frames interact with each other.

Explore all of our art hanging tips, and discover a customized solution for your guest room!

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