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Franco Ndiba

In the midst of the pulsating dynamics of modernity, an artistic voice emerges that leads the viewer back to nature. In radiant colors, with a fine sense of the spirit of the times, Franco Ndiba illuminates the world around us and increases the frequency of our senses.

Riccardo Lorenzo Fornoni

Let gentle colors whisk you away to dreamlike places: the avant-garde works of the artist, architect and interior designer lay a delicate, surrealistic veil over the world. A sophisticated synthesis of the tangible and the imaginary that invites you to the edge of reality.

Javier Soler Esplugues

Spanish 3D artist Javier Soler Esplugues challenges our perception in a beguilingly aesthetic way. By staging the earth as a distant planet, he elegantly plays with the familiar and the exotic. A pastel pool that lets contrasts flow together: Water and stone, soft blue and bright orange, astronauts with an aperitif.

Carl Miller

Carl Miller’s dazzling high-resolution pools renderings immediately recall California’s mid- century architecture and invite the viewer on a bold journey into the world of the hyperreal. Glassy water surfaces bathed in warm light allow the viewer to experience the pure aesthetics of an endless summer.

Anton Sparx

Anton Sparx's latest multi-phase edition "Brooklyn Bridge" captures the dynamic essence of the famous landmark. The arrangement of images from different angles at different times of day creates a dazzling whole that captures the sparkling facets of the city that never sleeps.

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