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Violeta Verve

Background Information about Violeta Verve


Violeta Verve is no ordinary artist; in fact, she's not quite of this world. Originally from a distant cosmic realm, Violeta found herself drawn to Earth and chose Palm Springs as her earthly home, thanks to its low-humidity environment that reminded her of her distant homeworld. Arriving here around 1915, she embarked on an incomparable artistic journey. What made her art truly extraordinary was Violeta’s unique talent for peering into the future. Her work, though created in the early 20th century, was far ahead of its time. She predicted the aesthetics of mid-century design, fashion, and architecture, creating pieces that felt like they belonged in the future. Remarkably, Violeta stipulated that her work should not be released until 2024, anticipating that the world would finally catch up to her visionary creations.
But that’s not all: She has an exceptional color vision, gifted to her by her extraterrestrial origins. With 18 different color cones in her eyes, she could see a stunning spectrum of colors and light that humans could only dream of.
As we approach the release of her long-kept secrets, we can only marvel at the artistic genius of Violeta Verve and her cosmic connection to color, time, and the world of tomorrow.