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Art is for everyone. Our goal is to make top quality photo art attainable for all those who are interested in it.
Conventional galleries usually offer exorbitantly priced, large-format one-offs or extremely exclusive runs of no more than five prints. Museum shops, on the other hand, sell mass-produced prints. However, these lack personality and don’t make an individual statement. LUMAS closes this gap in the market, giving enthusiastic newcomers and experienced collectors alike an entry into the world of photo art.

New York, East Village, 1996. We met John at an antique market. He dealt in old photographs. At first, he seemed very standoffish, but then he came to life when showing us his treasures: press photos from the 1920s. Filled with the pride of discovery, we bought five original prints. That was the beginning of our passionate involvement with photography. We continue to collect photo art, visiting exhibitions, galleries, art fairs and many artists in their studios.
Back then we opened the door to a new world: the world of art photography. A world that is black-and-white and colorful, surprising and magical, lively and inspiring. We created LUMAS in order to share this enthusiasm with others.
This website, our galleries, and our LUMAS Art Magazine reveal fascinating insights into the world of photo art. Discover selected artworks by extremely promising newcomers and established artists in hand-signed Limited Editions. With print runs of 75 to 150, we are able to offer these pieces affordably. After all, our goal is for everyone to have access to high-quality art photography.
We hope you enjoy LUMAS

Stefanie Harig & Marc Alexander Ullrich.

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LUMAS offers more than 3,000 works of art by about 250 established artists and promising newcomers. We also have historic and contemporary pieces from select archives. Our curators keep up to date on the latest movements at exhibitions, art fairs, and festivals.
At LUMAS, artworks are available in hand-signed, Limited Editions. On average, our print runs are between 75 and 150. We also have Open Editions – infinite print runs without the artist’s signature. Producing the art with the latest technology and skilled craftsmanship, the results are always museum quality. In this way, LUMAS is able to offer an enjoyable art experience for everyone.

With the vision of two collectors, signed, limited edition art becomes affordable.

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Works by Damien Hirst, Christo & Jeff Koons inspire our customers for the first time

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22 galleries worldwide
give a home to the passion for art

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With friends and artists we celebrate our 1000th Venissage

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