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Francesca Owen, an artist from Brisbane, lets the viewer dive into her distinctive, angelic aesthetic. She captures flowing movements under the water's surface and allows them to unfold their dynamic power in stillness. As a former synchronized swimmer, influenced by her deep roots in performance art, she has dedicated herself to underwater photography. This special form of photography gives her the opportunity to document the elegance of movement and the fleeting moments of dance in a sphere of weightlessness – where every gesture is celebrated and every expression is intensified. A place that seems to be beyond time and space, opening a window to a mystical world of lightness, serenity, and subdued light. In dreamlike scenes, she whisks the viewers away from their everyday life, away from noise, hectic and sensory overload. With a beguiling delicacy, they magically transform their surroundings and unleash their immersive potential through their space-filling grace.  
Francesca Owen's deep familiarity with the element of water gives her an extraordinary sense of its beauty. She recognizes its subtle power to highlight the dignity of each individual. A theme that the artist has been preoccupied with since childhood. Often ashamed of her particular external features, her freckles and her red hair, she now emphasizes them in her art as a statement of individuality. Her “Red Head” series captures the uniqueness of the human being with remarkable depth, challenging us to expose what we hide and recognize its beauty. In a poetic reversal, her underwater works speak of bringing uniqueness to the surface.
Internationally recognized for her unique approach and visual storytelling, Owen's work has been featured in leading magazines such as VOGUE and adorns billboards across Australia with her stunning images. Her photographs not only provide a visual escape, but also a source of inspiration, enticing the viewer to recognize beauty. A key characteristic of water is to make us feel free. Lifting restrictions that exist on land. At the same time, the resistance of the water makes us feel every movement. Francesca Owen uses this duality to emphasize the importance of self-awareness in the truest sense. Her work is a sensual homage to the beauty of diversity.