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New York

70 x 165

Cut-Out Wall sculpture
Andre Leroi forms a new dimension to the legend of the city that never sleeps. His Cut-Out is typical New York, yet at the same time so much more, it’s a lively and radiant Panorama of the city of dreams.

70 x 165 cm (External dimensions)

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2020 / 2020 / ALE01
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Piazza San Marco

The beauty of Venice is timeless. And it’s never been more certain, thanks to Andres Leroi’s newest work dedicated to the lagoon city. For this work he skillfully assembled an 18th century historical representation and a 21st century photo together under the blue-white sky of Venice, creating a magically unique experience. At first glance, it may simply appear as a familiar motif, St. Mark's Square. But upon closer inspection the harmoniously blended, yet contrasting pictorial elements reveal themselves. Leroi's creation is a unique journey through time, fascinating and curious at the all at once.

New York

New York is the city that never sleeps, yet it always keeps us dreaming. This remarkable metropolis and its five world-famous districts awaken our desires and stimulates our imagination. Andrés Leroi takes the myth of the city and transforms it into a fascinating ensemble of movement, light, and forms. This sleek Cut-Out simultaneously portrays the essence of the extraordinary cosmopolitan city and its dynamic diversity by shaping a concrete form to the dream that is New York.

In his collages the artist and graphic artist, Andrés Leroi, captures the spirit of celebrated major cities. He disassembles existing realities and then reconstructs them to create works of art that amplify the character of metropoles. His New York cut-out thus becomes a condensed version of the dynamic, constantly active megacity, in which the viewer finds his vision of an urban composition full of skyscrapers, avenues, and flashing lights.

At first sight you might be overwhelmed by this work's vibrancy. Then, as you approach it, you recognize Leroi's art - a series of images have been cleverly merged to create an overwhelming and surprising entity, which lets the true essence of the city unfold.
Andres Leroi was born in Hamburg. He has been travelling the world as a photographer for 20 years, ever in search of special, extraordinary motifs and moments. While working as a creative director he has collaborated with many other renowned photo artists.

NFT in a Box

The pastel-coloured surface of an image changes imperceptibly. Barely noticeably, in finely gradated hues of green, red and blue, the parts of the image flow back and forth like gossamer clouds of colour. In the gentle flickering of bright colours, the spheres can be barely distinguished from one another. Suddenly, however, a contrast appears – like something physical emerging from the seemingly heavenly range of light. We immediately feel the threatening effect of darker colours without whose contrast no depth, no contours, essentially nothing could arise for the eye to evaluate. Even before it becomes clear what we are looking at, the image dissolves again. In this way, the picture becomes a powerful meditation on the essence of surface and figure, ground and form, contours and colour.

In another dynamic image, the metamorphosis of the physical image is more clearly visible, although the scene consisting of architecture and forest is again gently varied. Within the flickering staccato of the animated image, people pour into a futurist building set in the middle of nature. It is like a place of culture. No sooner have they entered, the transformation begins: the building changes in appearance, becoming a gallery of the forest with an enormous ceiling made of round cellular elements and held up by strong trunks of trees. The tall trees in the background transition into geometrically stylised triangular forms. Once again, the artist presents us with a transition from one thing into another, only to return to the original state. In both images, the resulting epiphany of the enigmatic makes a scenic impression.

Born in Hamburg.
Lives and works in Berlin.

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