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Fashion in perfect form

The symbolic illustration of figures belongs to the unique stylistic repertoire of Piet Paris. The Dutchman founded the Arnheim Fashion Biennale in 2005 and works internationally with labels such as Prada, Steve McQueen, YSL, Jil Sander, Dries Van Noten, Anna Sui, and SAKS 5th Avenue.

His fashion illustrations carry the essence of an opulent catwalk show. Sharp lines and clear forms produce characteristic silhouettes. Fashion becomes not just a sculpture, but a powerful symbol too. His special cut technique, inspired by the scissor cut, distinguishes the lines of his images and creates the certain “perfect shape” for which he has been internationally acclaimed.

Awarded the Grand Seigneur fashion prize in 2008, Paris has for more than two decades been in demand for large fashion campaigns and magazine covers in Japan, the USA, Russia, Great Britain, and France. He has not only designed striking covers for VOGUE, but has also developed stage scenes, such as for the Viktor & Rolf fashion show.

Though adept at all graphic techniques, Paris lectures 3D design and prefers himself to work with airbrush and layering techniques. Through the combination of geometric forms and striking silhouettes emerges a distinctive figure, one possessive of a particularly harmonious and timeless style. This remarkably creative and symbolic vision transcends individual trends.

Christina Wendenburg


1962Born in the Netherlands
2008Fashion & Drawing, ArtEZ Academy for art, Arnheim, Netherlands
Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands


2009Best Fashion Ambassador, Marie Claire Prix de la Mode
The Netherlands House Style Award
2008Grand Seigneur, fashion award, Netherlands


2010Piet Paris Fashion Illustration, Amsterdam, Netherlands