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Franck Gérard

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Franck Gérard is a visual artist from Angers, France, whose diverse background in computer graphics, photography and architecture is reflected by the multifaceted nature of his prolific output. Having spent over 20 years as an architectural concept artist, Gérard long nursed a passion for digital and photographic art in his spare time. It was only in 2020 that he finally made his first works public, publishing a collection of his vector-graphic art on Instagram. In just 3 years, his profile and popularity in the contemporary art market have skyrocketed: he has amassed over 165,000 Instagram followers and his works are regularly featured at international art fairs and exhibitions.

Honed over decades, Gérard’s unique skillset allows him to follow his boundless curiosity in creating striking images with whatever means or medium occurs to him. Digital art, photography, paintings and pencil sketches have all featured in his portfolio.

Whatever the medium, Gérard’s style remains instantly recognizable: bold colors, striking portraiture and space-age styling. Combining cutting-edge graphic work with a timeless eye for mood and retro details, Gérard evokes multiple artistic genres and eras in each work, ultimately pushing the form forward.


Born in France in 1969, Franck Gérard has over 20 years of experience working as an architectural concept artist and computer graphics specialist. After debuting his first artworks in 2020, he has rocketed to international acclaim, amassing over 165,000 followers on his Instagram profile in just 3 years. Gérard lives and works in Angers, France.