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Background Information about Elena Iv - Skaya


Elena Iv-Skaya is a photographer with a rich and magnificently vibrant color palette. She stages her subjects in strong poses, with even stronger contrasts, to bring her perspective and idea of beauty to life. The colors act as amplifiers for the positive energy and strong personalities that are characteristic of Iv-Skaya's works. In the process, the artist blends powerful character representations and carefree summer feelings to create inviting compositions.

Iv-Skaya worked as a model for several years; thus, she has first-hand knowledge of the beauty and fashion industries. Today, she uses her expertise and experience to engage in a dialogue with her subjects, enbling her to bring her ideas to life. She communicates with them eye-to-eye and involves them in the work. As a result, she is able to express the inner grace and strength of women in their own unique way. Each of her works features a new character with their own mystique.

Elena Iv-Skaya was born in Russia and currently lives on the French Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. There, she draws inspiration from the vibrant colors and elegant shapes of nature. The island continuously provides her with ideas for new works. She incorporates tropical elements into her work and often stages her models in front of impressive, paradisiacal backdrops. Blue skies, palm trees, and turquoise waters are, therefore, a constant in her varied portfolio, which invites us to travel to these wonderful places in our minds.


When did you become interested in art? How did it all begin?
I have always been interested in art but mostly as a viewer, the realization that I can create my own art came much later, when about 10 years ago I started experimenting with an old camera photographing objects of interesting shapes against the sunset backgrounds, or flowers and then my friends. I was told
quite soon after that that my photos were interesting and original and I decided to pursue and learn more about photography.

How would you describe your work process?
My work process is quite spontaneous. I love to be inspired on the go, during the shoot. I have some ideas about what I want to do beforehand, but they really develop only when I start shooting, I just need to have a choice of accessories that I can play with to create the color schemes and graphic compositions characteristic of my work.

Who inspires you?

I find inspiration in the works of David Hockney, Guy Bourdin, Norman Parkinson, René Magritte, Man Ray and even my favorite impressionnistes like Matisse, Van Gogh, Gaugin.

Which artists/works of art are you particularly impressed with at the moment?
I love the work of the Spanish fashion photographer Txema Yeste.
What distinguishes a good work of art?
The ability to attract the viewer's attention in the immense volume of visual stimuli that the world is filled by at the moment and produce a pleasurable aesthetic impact.

What project are you working on at the moment?
I have recently moved to Geneva from Reunion island where I created many of my seaside and poolside series, I would like to create a similar aesthetic result in the mountains with snow and colorful accessories on the ski theme.

What is the purpose of art?
To give the viewer a feeling of aesthetic enjoyment and gratification, to empower the sense of beauty and inspire the best in them.
Does art bring about happiness?
Of course, when you look at works of art that fill you with aesthetic joy and pleasure it makes you happy.