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Braving the gap

The artist, Cless, resides in Valladolid and has become a star in the international creative-art scene. In the 1990s, he left behind his first designs as distinctive graffiti on the walls of buildings. Today, he draws his ideas from the wide repertoire of the street art scene and mixes them with the provocative poster style of the 1970s. The Brazilian artist, Eduardo Recife, definitely inspired Cless with his succinct, slightly surreal collage style.

Cless’ collages are a harmonious interaction between typography, design, logos, and the amusing details of pop art. Despite the fragility of his silhouettes, Cless is able to create a surprisingly powerful narrative. They appear to float freely on mono-coloured backgrounds, creating space for wonderfully effortless insights. We solve small puzzles while viewing the pictures, as if searching for secrets hidden behind the elegant cut-outs.

Christina Wendenburg


1979Born in Valladolid, Spain
Lives and works in Valladolid, Spain


2006Nº3 EXPO The Deli Room, Madrid, Spain
2005Infame Tabula Rasa, Madrid, Spain
2013International Weird Collage Show Berlin, Tête Gallery, Berlin, Germany
International Weird Collage Show Costa Rica, Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo. San José, Costa Rica
International Weird Collage Show Ecuador, Centro de Arte contemporáneo de Quito. Quito, Ecuador
2012International Weird Collage Show Lima, Domingo Laboratorio Creativo, Lima, Peru
Dândi, Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid, Spain
CARLOS a Juan López Project for DESVELARTE Festival, Santander, Spain
2011All that Remains The Ugly Art Room, Brooklyn, NYC, USA
10 x 10 – 10th Panta Rhei anniversary, Panta Rhei Galery, Madrid, Spain
International Weird Collage Show Rotterdam, Opperclaes, Rotterdam, Germany
Cutters Edges Gestalten Space, Berlin, Germany
International Weird Collage Show Madrid, Gloria Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Cutters/Cork West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Co, Cork, Ireland
2010{Libro} Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Las Letras del Barrio Gráficas Almeida, Madrid, Spain
Cartográfica Madrid Diseña Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Cutters 2010 Pool Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Chic Dessin 2010 Galerie Issue, Paris, France
2009La Collective Galerie Issue, Paris, France
ROCKY Fast Cool Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Cutters Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn NYC, USA
Galerie Issue, Paris, France
CAPITAL Typographic Design, TAIBOX, Madrid, Spain
2008Launch Exhibition Cement Gallery, London, UK
Lau Garabat Gallery, Bilbao, Spain
INK 01 International Illustration Rally Foundation Bilbao Arte Fundazioa, Bilbao, Spain
20072 Subaquatica Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Latex for Fun Vallery Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Brian Burkhardt’s Word of Mouth Show Bridge Art Fair, Miami, USA
3 Ras Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2005Cerebros Líquidos “La expo” Samuel Gallery & Arambol Studio, Valladolid, Spain
2004Vintage “de las calles a aquí” Arambol Studio, Valladolid, Spain
2006-2008Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2006-2009Reunión de Soñadores Paxanga Innata, Valladolid, Spain