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Mankind comes together with the animal kingdom like never before in the United Planet Earth series from the Studio Morbach. These expressive and profound portraits transcend simply capturing your first glance, but also make a lasting impression. Afterall, these colorful models are delivering an important message about the collective responsibility in caring for our planet. The Studio Morbach applies patterns from beautiful and endangered animals to the faces of their models. Their creations have a special beauty that is impressive, ambitious, and fragile at the same time.

These artworks are a celebration of diversity and unity. The different color patterns of mandrills, mambas, chameleons, and exotic fish species are highlighted, emphasizing the biodiversity that makes our planet so unique. The habitats of these animals are threatened, and because of that the works also serve as a reminder of perhaps the greatest challenge of our time: environmental protection. The Morbach Studio understands that this task is a global matter, which is precisely why the project is a collaborative effort put into practice by young, multiethnic individuals. They deliberately cross cultural boundaries because the preservation of our planet can only occur when we all work together.

The Morbach Studio has been successful in both the arts and lifestyle-beauty world, working within photography, styling, critique, and publishing. Their Magazine TUSH is dedicated to challenging tasks, such as discovering new perspectives on beauty and questioning existing notions and ideas. The social aspect of their work is highly valued. They’re not interested in simply shooting a good-looking model with perfect make-up and hair. The studio aims to create friction and provoke response from their audience. In 2017 Irony was published, a volume of unusual photographs that challenge the common beauty ideal. The Morbach Studio has wielded a large audience, partially because of Armin Morbach’s work alongside Heidi Klum as a juror on Germanys Next Top Model.

Works from the Morbach Studio appear in renowned international magazines and are exhibited in numerous galleries. The Gundlach Collection is one of many that presents their creations.