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Various exotic plant species come together to create Future Botanics, a series of unique botanical artworks with a classic aesthetic and innovative concept by the artist duo Rive Roshan. The two artists were inspired by a technique used in gardening practice called grafting, which entails splitting two plants open and tying them together. Rive Roshan take a similar approach, but instead of creating noble fruit trees or cacti, they create artworks full of detail and imagination. They discovered several historical drawings at the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus. Using these drawings, they bring plant specimens together to create a new design.  

In this series, Rive Roshan builds a bridge between art and botany, past and future. Their creations take artefacts from the Golden Age of the Netherlands - a time when sailors brought unusual plants from distant regions to amaze the Dutch people – they link these documents with our near future, as growing technology enables genetic manipulation and new botanical developments. In their studio they carefully assemble selected plants and stage them against a black background, almost as if they were part of a botanical-scientific study. A timeless style is the ideal bond for the many different aspects of these exciting works.

Ruben de la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan have worked together for many years as Rive Roshan. Their impressive modern graphic design is beloved by an international audience. They’ve used a variety of materials and techniques in their extensive portfolio, including sculpture gardens, textile installations, and, sometimes, they even pay homage to De Stijl with glass spheres. Their work has been exhibited at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs Paris, Powerhouse Museum Sydney and Shanghai Museum of Glass, among others.