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Nicolai Chau's art digs deep. Contrasts merge on its smooth surface, gently melting in the viewer's mouth and infusing him with new impulses: Light and shadow, intimacy and distance, expressiveness and delicacy blend into a harmonious whole that maintains a stimulating elusiveness.
The Chinese artist's keen eye, with which he masterfully addresses social issues, was sharpened by his studies at the renowned Central Saint Martins College in London. However, the spectrum of his inspiration extends far beyond the field of art and touches on spheres ranging from philosophy to music as the titles of his works show: While "Gold Dust Boy" is inspired by Fleetwood Mac's song "Gold Dust Woman", "Pierced by Cupid, Yet unbroken" reflects the essence of enduring experiences of love while remaining true to oneself.
The multi-layered references found in his work range from the glamorous world of fashion to the complex depths of social psychology. The title "I.N.F.P.", for instance, refers to a personality type of the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, also known as the "butterfly", representing sensitivity, imagination, emotional expression, and introspection. As the title "Facade" indicates, his works are insights into a brilliant reflection of the relationship between artificiality and authenticity, and the real and fabricated self. With the careful selection of his color palette, Chau succeeds in creating a visual intensity in which the emotional depth of his work can unfold. His artistic expression is imbued with a nostalgic touch. It is almost as if, on closer inspection, you can hear the crackling of freshly printed fashion magazine pages and immerse yourself in past glory days. At the same time, his surrealistic style is reminiscent of classic films such as Metropolis, which plays with light and shadow in a voluminous way, illustrating the duality of a futuristic megacity.
The artist demonstrates the power of beauty that goes deep. He sprinkles shimmering facets of the human psyche into a smooth aesthetic of perfection, creating a sparking whole that questions ideals of beauty and society and visualizes the spiritual essence of the individual. In his artistic narratives, he choreographs a wide variety of scenarios that deal with central themes of real life, on the verge of surreal expressionism.
His work is characterized by an aesthetic that is laced with an artificial tinge and achieves truthfulness precisely through this - and thus joins contemporary debates on the question of authenticity.
An ultimate aesthetic contribution to the meaning of the word "art" in the phenomenon of "artificiality".


Central Saint Martins graduate show, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK