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Jason Schmidt
The New York photographer Jason Schmidt shoots portrait, fashion, and interior photography for exclusive magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. He prefers analogue technology and works only with a large-format Linhof 4x5, which allows him to maximise the intense colours and depth of field in his scenes. The careful positioning of distance and proximity, and his portrayal of unusual moments, show a versatility that is also visible in his moving outdoor shots. Like a voyeuristic observer we look through windows at models in exalted poses, illuminated against the backdrop of the New York night.

What emerges are constellations of grand architecture, amongst which “an image within an image” is surprisingly revealed to the viewer. The unique appearance of the individual window surrounded by impressive buildings provokes curiosity, reveals secrets, and offers a fleeting theatrical performance in the heart of the city. Schmidt established himself in the international art scene through “Artists”, a five-year book project for which he photographed almost a hundred of the world’s best known artists, capturing them hard at work in their studios. His subjects included such influential figures as Ed Ruscha, Matthew Barney, and Andreas Gursky. The completed work reveals Schmidt’s love for characteristic detail and symbolic intensity.

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1991Studied Art History at Columbia University, New York, USA
Since 2000Portraits of Contemporary Artists (Ed Ruscha, Tracey Emin, Andreas Gursky, Matthew Barney, Paul McCarthy and others)
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA


2012Jason Schmidt – Some Los Angeles Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA
2006Artists, Deitch Projects, New York, USA
2012Beyond Words – Photography in The New Yorker, UCCA – Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, Japan
2011Dance In Vogue, Moscow House of Photography, Moskau, Russland
2006Draw Tour, Fuse Gallery, New York, USA