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Fernando Reyes cuts geometric shapes and elements from custom paper templates – mono-prints that have been printed, designed, and patterned by hand. He then utilizes a fine-grained collage process to carefully assemble each piece and create full-frame nudes. The result, astonishing in its vibrancy and sensory cues, is a cubist-style paper assemblage modeled after Henri Matisse’s paper cutouts.

In fact, a key moment of inspiration in his artistic development can be traced back to an encounter with Henri Matisse’s legendary MoMa exhibition The Cut Outs. Reyes traveled to New York in 2014 and found himself enthralled by the works on display. Early in his career, the artist specialized in classical paintings; Now, his repertoire has expanded to include diverse techniques. Reyes developed a unique and intensely poetic style that combines print, collage, drawing, and painting in a synergetic way to form new realities.

At the center of his Paper Doll series are geometrically designed nude collages. The bodies on display are expressive and echo Reyes’ original drawings. Set against an oil paint backdrop, the radiant figures communicate with viewers in a subtle and non-verbal manner. Both paint and print color patterns enhance the complex composition. This powerful and multifaceted visual language alludes to classical modernism – the rhythmic use of complementary colors, the freedom of the nudes, and the transparent penetration of color surfaces are all reminiscent of Matisse, Picasso, and Ozenfant. Even pre-modern sculpture with its clear emphasis on body proportions appears to permeate the associative space. From a patchwork of specially designed elements, multi-sensory imagery is born – along with an expressive representation of the body that speaks for itself.

Fernando Reyes is a California native who studied at San Francisco City College from 1991 - 1993 and earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 1997. He lives and works in Oakland, where he maintains two studios. His paintings have been widely exhibited in solo and group shows in place like Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. Before devoting himself entirely to art, Reyes worked in banking for 17 years.


1997The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA
1991-1993San Francisco City College


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