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David Pinegar’s route to becoming a contemporary artist was far from conventional – and neither are his works. Entirely self-taught, Pinegar’s diverse, multi-disciplinary portfolio is connected by an unbound imagination and adventurous approach to material, color and technique. It was only after working as a photographer for over 3 decades that Pinegar first entered the world of abstract art. Since then, his creative endeavors have encompassed abstraction, sculpture and multimedia art.

His latest project, Gelism, is a distillation of Pinegar’s experimental outlook, underpinned by decades of technical photographic expertise. The psychedelic images are created through an ingeniously intricate analog process involving mirrors, lightboxes and hairgel. His exact method is a closely guarded secret, but the results speak for themselves – dazzling abstract works that can be viewed again and again.
The joy lies in appreciating and deciphering the otherworldly imagery in each work. This mind-bending effect achieves Pinegar’s artistic goal of taking the viewer on a ‘visual trip’.


David Pinegar is a British photographer and experimental visual artist. Originally a farmer, Pinegar taught himself photography before spending 30 years as a professional sports and commercial photographer. He began creating abstract art as an outlet for his experimental ideas and has since featured his works in a range of online publications and galleries. He lives and works in the English countryside.