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Salome's Dance

70 x 105
100 x 150
Select finishing/framing:
Mounted under acrylic glass
depth 2 mm glossy, frameless, 70 x 105 cm (External dimensions) with acrylic glass glossy, Black, 71,2 x 106,2 cm (External dimensions) On premium paper (glossy) not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.
depth 2 mm glossy, frameless, 70 x 105 cm (External dimensions)
Select finishing/framing:
Mounted under acrylic glass
depth 2 mm glossy, frameless, 100 x 150 cm (External dimensions) with acrylic glass glossy, Black, 101,2 x 151,2 cm (External dimensions) On premium paper (glossy) not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.
depth 2 mm glossy, frameless, 100 x 150 cm (External dimensions)

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2016 / 2020 / IPL02
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In his series Fragments of Desire Iannis Pledel depicts a continuous change. His creations manifest powerful emotions with their various movements and deviations. Just like desire, his work is characterized by constant dynamism, they can be light, they can be dark, often they have an affinity for the unknown.

Iannis Pledel merges painting and photography to create artworks with various levels that each complement and complete one another. This complex multilayered process allows for such a rich variety of interpretation that the works can be likened with and make reference to other art forms, such as cinema or literature. Just like the silhouettes, the viewers gaze upon the work, and its expression, will change.

Painting has been an integral part of Pledel’s life since his childhood. Later he broadened his artistic horizons by learning various printing techniques, such as silver printing and platinum palladium printing. He studied photography, graphic design, as well as epistemology at Sorbonne University in Paris. After receiving his doctorate at the Sciences-Po Aix he returned to his artistic and creative roots and dedicated himself to painting and other art forms. His multidisciplinary approach is a testimony to his multifaceted career and experience.

Today, Pedel is an internationally sought-after artist. He has worked with major magazines and brands, like Colette Paris and Estée Lauder. His art has also been admired in the music industry, as he has created several successful album covers.

Inside Out

Pledel’s new series of large-format artworks, Inside Out, blurs line between the exterior and interior worlds. Within the same image, they simultaneously depict Parisian street facades and intimate views into the rooms beyond. These curious, evocative paintings capture everyday scenes, heightened by a personal and inviting atmosphere.

Pledel’s painting style at times mimics the visual language of street photography, softening the surrealist tone of his overlapping subjects with a naturalistic lighting. The power of the works lies in their effortless blending of the realistic and the impossible, Pledel masterfully combining shapes, scenes and forms in these meditative works. The effect is transfixing, depicting a world at once familiar and entirely new.

This new series of paintings was inspired by Pledel’s time in Paris. Through a studied artistic technique, he consolidates wildly divergent ideas, imagery and concepts into cohesive and compelling images. His works open up a dialog with the history of art, and in particular, traditional still life painting. Pledel playfully deconstructs the genre, reframing it in his own unique vision, and brought to life by his technical prowess.

2015Art School, Ecole de l’Image Gobelins, Paris
2009PhD Sciences-Po Aix
2004Sorbonne University Paris

2023Inside Out, Art Center Cresco, Saint-Mandé, France (June)

Floating Souls, Art Center Cresco, Saint-Mandé, France (Sept to December)

Dédales, Town Hall, Paris 17e, France


Fragments of Desires & Odyssey, La Cale 2 Créateurs Gallery, Nantes, France

Fragments of Desires, Cité des Arts of Chambéry, France


The Parisian Girls, Colette, Paris 1e, France

The Parisian Girls, Le Saturne, Paris 2e, France

Photographs, B Gallery with Art Center Betton Town Hall, Rennes, France

Venetian Intrigue, 13 Regards Gallery, Paris 13e, France

2013Vermilion, B Gallery, Pont-Aven, France

Looks, Zigomar Gallery, Lorient, France

Envy, Saint-Roch Chapel, Argentan, France

2020-2023Lumas Galleries, 25 sites : Berlin-Germany, London-UK, Toronto-Canada, New-York-US, Zurich-Swiss, Paris-France, Budapest-Hungary, Vienna-Austria, Melbourne-Australia, etc.

 Lumas Galleries, Online studio tour for Take Off Event, Toronto, Canada

Mural painting, Maison Marceau, Paris 8e, France


Sophie Leiser Gallery, Paris 6e, France

Contemporary Art Show during FIAC, Sophie Leiser Gallery, Paris 1er, France

International City of Arts, Museum of Xi’an, China

ArtExpo, Ruffieux-Bril Gallery, Chambéry, France

Modulations Festival, Cité des Arts, Chambéry, France

2018Salon d’Automne, Champs-Élysées Grand Palais, Paris 8e, France
2014Bettina Gallery, Paris 6e, France
2012Estée Lauder and Pink Ribbon, InterContinental Le Grand Hotel, Paris 9e, France

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