Apartment Decor: Art for Small Spaces

Decorating an apartment with art is no small project. You may have to measure out your space, think about hanging and drilling, and closely coordinate a planned acquisition with your current wall decor scheme. Read on to explore apartment decor ideas and inspirations from our interior design experts!

Working With Small Spaces

Because of the limited floorspace and wallspace, apartments present special challenges for decorators. As a choice of motif, minimalist art is a design choice which is stylish, without being too obstrusive. Small art and multi-piece art are obvious ways to maximize space while also pursuing bold choices. In a more old-world apartment, or a loft environment with higher ceilings, portrait photography can present a fantastic solution. In general, vertical orientations are well suited to high ceilings with limited floorspace.

In a studio apartment, it isn't just size that's at issue. A studio is a fishbowl environment, and so you can expect to be spending a lot of time looking at a given artwork. For common spaces, an apartment artwork should reflect a value or aesthetic principle that you want to share with the world, and feature in your day-to-day activities. For specific rooms, the general needs of a bedroom decor or living room decor concept should be reflected - just on a smaller scale.

Renting or Buying?

If you own your apartment, then by all means - drill away! But for renters, just how you affix your artwork to your walls is a crucial question.

The simplest and most low-impact way to display art in a rented apartment? Simply lean it against the wall! Our artworks come mounted on a hard-backed aluminum, and finished beneath museum-grade acrylic glass. That means they can be leaned up against a wall, with the base set on the ground, or on a table or bureau. For inspiration, explore our guide to leaning art!

Panoramic Photography

Nothing broadens your vision like the panorama. Whether nestled into a small nook or centered on a large wallspace, panoramic nature photography or cityscapes can open up an apartment to a much wider range of colors, moods, and experiences. For more panoramas, and ideas on how to incorporate them into your decor concept, explore our guide to panoramic art!

Design Objects

When there isn't enough room for a gallery wall, turn to your tables and shelves. Design objects are a stylish way to display art, and to make economical use of limited space. We recommend setting these somewhat apart from bowls with keys and change, giving them some room to make a statement.

Explore Art In All Its Dimensions

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