Art in Outer Space

For as long as we could look up, outer space has held a strong fascination. Massive equipment like the Hubble Telescope enables us to look into distant galaxies and unknown nebulae. Discover breathtaking space-themed artworks in the LUMAS portfolio!

Contents: Outer Space Art:

  • To the moon and back: The Hubble Space Telescope
  • The fine art of Astrophotography
  • Space artworks for all home decor styles

To the Moon and Back: Art from The Hubble Telescope

For a decade and a half, the Hubble Telescope, along with Nasa's other space telescopes, has helped revolutionize our understanding of the universe and the Milky Way. The scientific view extends farther back in time and farther into space than ever before. The stunning photos produced by the space telescope's exploratory flights have not only scientific value, but artistic value as well!

The Fine Art of Astrophotography

Ciel Austral is an innovative group of astrophotographers who make visible the beauty of our universe with our Milky Way and its planets. Ciel Austral assembles 16 individual images into seamless and fascinating mosaics, presenting stars, nebulae, and other astronomical objects with the appearance of abstract art. Extremely long exposures are used to create spectacular images of the night sky- captured from Earth at the group's own observatory in Chile.

Whether as an exciting lenticular artwork, or film stills from Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey, the LUMAS portfolio offers a rich selection of space-themed artworks for your walls. Earth, moon, stars, astronauts, and distant nebulae are suitable as eye-catchers, for marveling and dreaming.

Explore our extraterrestrial selection, and our tips on decorating your home with art. Have a little space explorer of your own? Explore our tips on decorating the kid's room with art from outer space!

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