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Nature´s Drawings
A fascinating idea: nature as an artist with a pen in her hand. She draws landscapes with impressive mountain ranges that rise into the clouds, enchanting forests that disappear into the distance, and smooth lakes that exude a meditative calm. That’s the idea behind Tatiana Gorilovsky’s new series of works Nature's Drawings. It presents landscapes as breathtaking works of art created by nature. The photos are captured in classic black and white, giving them a timeless elegance. The misty fog and clouds leave a lot of room for interpretation. To shoot the images, the highly skilled photographer travelled to the Huangshan and Zhangjiajie National Parks in China, where the Avatar film was shot.

China’s Magical Light

Refined landscapes emerge through the mist, rafts float on the surface of the water, colours blur in shades of green and blue – the scene appears more a composition of light, a surreal magical world, than a depiction of reality. We can only be fascinated, therefore, when we learn that the Russian photographer and designer Tatiana Gorilovksy, in her series “The Magical Light of China”, has captured landscapes that actually exist. The scenes appear just as they did hundreds of years ago in Chinese ink drawings: secretive, with overlapping pastel watercolours, surrounded by the softly delineated lines of a landscape.

It was the surreal beauty of the Chinese landscape that inspired Tatiana Gorilovsky to this visual meditation. Its aim, after all, is not to create a pure reproduction of nature, but to bring to life “the soul, the magic, and the lights of these places”. Titles such as “Out of Time”, “The Balance”, “The Return”, and “The Way to Heaven” reveal the contemplative dimension of the pictures. The colourful harmony and the balance of composition have a calming effect on the viewer and show the subjects at one with nature.

Gorilovsky seeks to recreate in others the feelings that the Chinese landscapes left in her. To do this, she edits the photographs on computer to produce an artistic medium much closer to painting than pure photography. Having studied computer science, computer art, and photography, in both Boston and Moscow, she brings the different paths of academic background together in a unified artistic style. Her picturesque photography has received multiple awards and, through these images of Asia, sets a new aesthetic standard.

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1964Born in Moscow, Russian Federation
University of Engineer Ecology, Moscow, Russian Federation
School of Jazz Improvisation, Moscow, Russian Federation
Pine Manor College, Boston, USA
Academy of Photography, Moscow, Russian Federation
Lives and works in London, UK


2019 35photo.ru Concert Photography International Contest: 2nd place
2014 1x.com annual photo awards: 2nd place ( Steve McCurry’s choice)
2009 The Best Photo of Russia, Gallery “Vinzavod”, Moskau, Russland
2008 The Best Photo of Russia, Gallery “Vinzavod”, Moskau, Russland


2012The Link of Times, Polyplastic Group, Moscow, Russia
2011Variety, Galerie N, Moscow, Russia
2010Sincerity, Gallery “Peresvetov pereulok”, Moscow, Russia
The Animal Planet, Gallery “Butyrsky val”, Moscow, Russia
1 Photobiennale of the Russian Museum, The Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, Russia