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Symphony of contrasts: The multicultural background of the Munich-based Roman artist is reflected in her colorful works. Her multifaceted works, whose symbolic power extends to the multilingualism of the titles, are the artistic result of her intensive engagement with a wide variety of cultures.

In them, velvety pastel shades mingle with bright color compositions. Delicate figures appear in bold poses. Influences from classical art movements meet contemporary themes, nostalgic design picks up on modern desires. The refined minimalist design is based on the design of divination cards - as a symbol of the longing for clarity and stability and the yearning for freedom. From the smoker to the drinker to the eternally united couple: no matter what the lips of the figures are attached to, they tell stories of sensuality and passion.

Using various artistic techniques and symbolic languages, her works build a bridge between people from different cultures. Her artistic work is as colorful as her oil paintings: with a degree in photography, the artist creates detailed, large-format paintings as well as textile and installation works. She devotes herself to the theory of form and works in a performative and socially critical manner: in 2018, she founded the artist collective "Die Villa" which delves into the role of women in society.


„Poco ma con amore 02“ / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

OLIV Refining Architecture / LA Art Gallery / Munich

„Poco ma con amore“ / Momo Studio / Siracusa

„Farben und Antworten“ / Galerie des Atlantik / Munich
„100 drawings“ charity exhibition / Frida Gallery / Munich
Affordable Art Fair / All You Can Art Gallery / Hamburg

St.Galler Kantonalbank „Druckgrafik ist Kult Vol.3“ by Schenk Modern Gallery / Munich

Denkraum Deutschland „Hey, Alter“ / Pinakothek der Moderne / Munich

„Das Leben ist ein Abenteuer“ / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

„Artschnitzel 2023“ / Munich

„Sommer Frische Kunst 2023“ / Wally / Bad Gastein

Le latitudini dell’arte / Virginia Monteverde / Bethanien / Berlin

Duo Show „Art Versus AI“ / Pauhaus Gallery / Los Angeles

Plakatkunst Ausstellung für das Residenztheater / Pinakothek der Moderne / Munich

Stroke Art Fair / Munich

„Future NFT-KI Art Now“ / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

„Horizonte“ / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

„Digital Lab“ / Soho / Munich

„Female Show“ / Munich Art Gallery / Munich

Fem Festival „Oro“ Performance/ Kulturamt Ingolstadt / Ingolstadt

„Looking for Unicorns“ / Filmproduktion 27 km / Munich
„Don’t wake Daddy“ / Feinkunst Krüger Gallery / Hamburg

„I thought I was an Alien“ / Polarraum / Hamburg

„Arcana“, Farbenladen / Munich

„Female“, All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

„24 Münchner Positionen / Munich Art Projektraum / Munich

Glockenbachbiennale 2022 „Différent is Normal“ / Architekturgalerie im Bunker / Munich

„Digital Art Lab“ / Art Muc / Munich

„22 Artists for Ukraine“ / Mim, Raum für Kultur / Munich
Denkraum Deutschland „Feminin“ / Pinakothek der Moderne / Munich

„M!ss!ng“ Installation / Meadow Haus der Kunst / Munich

Gallery Opening Group Show / Benjamin Eck Gallery / Hamburg

„From Dusk Till Dawn“ Duo Show with Elena Sheidlin / Benjamin Eck Gallery / Munich
„Trialog“ / Utopia Galerie / Munich

Online Art Show „Pandemania – Covid 19, what does it do to you?“

Online Art Show „Covidcreativeconvention“

„Emotional Labor“ Art Show / Fraunberg Ateliers / Munich

Installation „Die Frau im Wolfspelz“ / Wabisabi Shibui Gallery / Munich
Art Fair Hamburg Affordable / All You Can Art Gallery

Artist Group „The Villa“ Performance „Emotional Labor“ / Alte Utting / Munich

Studio Opening Fraunbergs Studios / Munich

„Arcana“ / Orangerie / Munich

Pop Up Show „Culture Mix“ at Echo Park / Los Angeles

Event at Villa Thomas Gottschalk, Ammersee / All You Can Art Gallery

Art Fair ArtMuc / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

Installation „Ghost Women“ / Wabisabi Shibui Gallery / Munich
Art Fair Hamburg Affordable / All You Can Art Gallery

„2 Artists, 2 Rooms“ / Benjamin Eck Gallery / Munich

Artist Group „The Villa“ Performance „Hausarbeiten“ / Villa Zierer / Gröbenzell

„The Coaster Show“ / 30 South Gallery / Pasadena

Weltraum Gallery / Munich

Art Fair ArtMuc / All You Can Art Gallery / Munich

Art Fair Bruxelles Affordable / All You Can Art Gallery
„Don’t wake Daddy“ / Feinkunst Krüger Gallery / Hamburg

Art Fair Hamburg Affordable / Munique Art Gallery

„The Coaster Show“ / La Luz de Jesus Gallery / L.A.

Beastiezstyle and Friends / Farbenladen / Munich
Annual Exhibition / Kunst und Kulturverein / Hohenaschau

 „Don’t wake Daddy“ / Feinkunst Krüger Gallery / Hamburg

Duo Show Drawings / Weltraum Gallery / Munich

„The Coaster Show“ / La Luz de Jesus Gallery / L.A.

„Limbus“ / Fousion Gallery / Barcelona

Stroke Art Fair / Frida Gallery / Munich

“Frida’s Wall of small Arts 2.0“ / Frida Gallery / Munich
„Schwarz Weiss“ / Short Time Gallery / Munich

 „Ya no estoy sola“ / Frida Gallery / Munich

Stroke Art Fair Ltd. / Munich

Blooom Art Fair Cologne / Munique Art Gallery

„The Babylon Show“ / Surfclub Art Gallery / L.A.

„The Coaster Show“ / La Luz de Jesus Gallery / L.A.

„Zwischenspiel“ / Munique Art Gallery / Munich
Surfclub Art Gallery / L.A.