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Tadaomi Kawasaki

Background Information about Tadaomi Kawasaki


Tadaomi Kawasaki creates paintings that fuse the instantly recognizable motifs of Pop Art with the intricate brushwork of oil painting. Dubbed “spontaneous realism”, his style draws from several centuries of painting techniques yet remains defiantly contemporary in its concept and execution. The artist counts Andy Warhol’s Pop Art portraits and Vincent van Gogh’s impressionist brushstrokes among his greatest influences.
Kawasaki draws on and condenses four centuries of painting technique into bold, cohesive statements of intent, depicting pop culture greats with a kaleidoscope of brushstrokes. By combining technical expertise with a powerful artistic vision, Kawasaki portrays icons of the 20th Century in bold new ways.

The energy captured in Kawasaki’s portraits belies his highly methodical process – first, a layer of yellow is applied to the canvas. This base layer is Kawasaki’s signature, and central to the way he views his subjects. It represents their energy and power - every one of his paintings begins this way. The resulting works are alive with a palpable energy, yet the colors remain carefully balanced throughout. Each layer of paint is then allowed to dry before the next is added. The process is time-consuming, meditative and yields astonishing results. Due to the heavy application of paint, the visible image changes depending on the viewers’ perspective.

Tadaomi Kawasaki’s background in design is reflected in his strong command of color and the vibrant compositions of his portraits. For over a decade, Kawasaki has used his talents as a matte painter and visual effects artist in the film industry, contributing to several Academy-award-winning productions. This cinematic affinity is apparent in his paintings, each one brimming with dynamism and storytelling prowess. As an artist, Kawasaki constantly innovates, turning from digital art to acrylic paintings, portraits, landscapes, street scenes and pure abstraction. The connecting thread that runs through his diverse portfolio is a focus on vivid color, especially yellow, and expressive brushstrokes.


Born in 1981, Kawasaki trained as a designer and visual artist. After graduating from the Chiba University of Japan in 2004, he entered the world of visual effects artistry. This led him to an Academy-award-winning career as a matte painter in several Hollywood productions.

His art incorporates elements of digital photorealism with impressionist and expressionist acrylic painting. A multiple-award winner, Kawasaki’s art has received international acclaim and featured in several solo and group exhibitions. He lives and works in Japan.