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Stephanie Hecht

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At first glance, Stephanie Hecht’s kaleidoscopic pieces seem like mystical depictions of the universe. A closer look reveals the nature of the countless mosaic pieces Hecht uses to construct these works. The artist cuts the pieces from hundreds of flyers and arranges them in perfect intervals. This painstaking process is done by hand in order to create highly symmetrical figures. Hecht transforms everyday objects into an ornamental aesthetic.

These collages guide our gaze inward and outward, the patterns extending out into space without limits. The nine square components can be arranged at will and hung in diverse combinations. This provides myriad possible choices for creating an awe-inspiring display.


Stephanie Hecht was born in 1959 in Nuremberg, Germany. The artist studied Theatre and has vacillated between visual and thespian arts for decades. She has shown her work in countless exhibitions, performances, and film projects in England, France, Mexico, the USA, and more. Hecht lives and works in Berlin.