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Serge Hamad

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Serge Hamad’s Temporal Perception is a series of fascinating diptychs. “When seen for the first time, each piece appears to be a single entity,” explains Hamad. The concept is simple, but it also inspires profound reflection. We inevitably ask ourselves how the two spheres of existence are related to each other and where they intersect. How far apart are they? What is reality and what is just an illustration of a memory?

The Temporal Perception series captivating beauty operates at a higher sensory level. While it contains deeply moving emotions, it lets the viewer decide whether or not, or how intensely, they want to experience them.


Serge Hamad was born in 1961 in Algiers, Algeria. His work has garnered international attention, including at Christie’s in London and the SOMArts Gallery in San Francisco. A Franco-Algerian artist, Hamad is also an activist and has used his work to tackle human rights issues. Hamad has lived in New York since 2001.