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Mijoo Kim and Minjin Kang transform the lifeguard towers on Miami Beach into psychedelic dream destinations with powerful neon colors. The artist duo adopted the intense colors of the summer, like those that they found on the beach and in the towers, and saturated them in whimsical Pop Art fashion. This approach brings Miami Beach to the viewer in a palpable and personal way. Within their work they create color paradigms that shift between reality and fantasy, revealing Miami Beach as a special kind of dream beach.

Kim and Kang use different methods to stage the towers on the beach. The photos have a somewhat documental character because the motif is always shown in the central perspective. They simplify the surfaces of the buildings and its surroundings by using graphic reduction and color enhancement. This method produces images that resemble a vibrant typology of color and turns the towers into icons of Miami Beach Culture. They show life on the beach from a new perspective, enriching the viewer with the Miami way of life. The artworks act as invitations to travel to Miami yourself, enticing you to be enchanted by the magnificent colors. The lifeguard towers were designed by the architect William Lane for the 100th anniversary of Miami Beach and are small architectural works of art. Today they are considered local landmarks and are loved by residents and visitors from all over the world. The extravagant shapes and colors make these functional little houses must-sees.

Mijoo Kim was born in South Korea in 1983 and studied photography at the School of Art Institute of Chicago and at Kyung-II Universtiy in South Korea. She acquired her Master at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she now works as a docent. For Kim, photography is not only a means to explore life, but also a gateway to memories that capture the past and permeate the present.

Minjin Kang was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1986. In 2008 she moved to the United States where she studied at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. In 2014 she received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her works have been exhibited by Nikon Korea all over the world, in places such as the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, the ARPNY & bcs Gallery in New York, and the LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art). She was also selected as a finalist for Critical Mass 2017.


Mijoo Kim and Minjin Kang are a creative duo, collectively performing as Mue Studio.
They have been nspiring and influencing each other since their Master's thesis.
Their works have been published nationally and internationally in the following online publications: Huffington Post, Business Insider, American Way, Grazia Magazine and more.