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The poetry of color is laid bare in Francoise Gaujour’s series The Furrow, and our gaze becomes lost in the subtle transition between horizon and sky. These expressive landscapes are both evocative and emotional. The portrait format, unusual for this genre, supports the almost painterly look. While in some places the different layers merge with one other seamlessly, in others we see sky, water, and beach contrast like abstract colour planes. Lone figures, often identifiable only as silhouettes, strengthen the association with romance paintings and emphasize the relationship between man and nature.

These tranquil pictures were taken at the bay of Saint Malo along the North Brittany coastline. The strong tides in this area ensure the beach changes appearance at different times of the day. In this way, Gaujour’s series can also be seen as a cyclical study of the ocean, one that allows us to trace the raw power of nature.

In France, Gaujour was a famous TV and radio journalist. At the turn of the millennium, inspired by a trip to Mali, she began a second career as a photographer. She documented the beauty of our world in atmospheric landscape and nature shots taken on her travels around the globe, revealing a unique appreciation for colors and their different moods.

Daniela Kummle


Radio and Television Journalist
Lives and works in Paris, France


2014Dunes, House of Poets, Saint-Malo, France
2013Wizards of Berry, Zaganin, Paris, France
Silhouettes, Galry, Paris, France
2015Identity, Contemporary Venice, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, Italy
The Forex Invasion, East End Studios, Milan, Italy
Possible Worlds, Simultánea Spazi Arte, Florence, Italy
2014A Summer with Flowers, Photo12 Gallery, Paris, France