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Ridge Trees

In his series of works, “Ridge Trees“, David Baker depicts many different sides of nature, which he accomplishes through photographing Southampton’s New Forest National Park from just three angles. With a real feel for nature’s unaltered beauty, Baker arranges the forest into a magical interplay between morning fog and the light of the rising sun.

Over the course of many weeks, the artist captured the enchanted landscape of his home town. He was particularly fascinated by the mystical mood of the dawn: his narrative for the series. Every image from the series takes on an individual character through its colouring. Whether in the cool, monochromatic-blue tint of “Forest Light” or the seemingly black and white “March Trees”, Baker’s use of light evokes the impression of being staged, the forest landscapes nearly seem like film sets. While the last warm rays of the autumn sun make the National Park almost seem like a symbol of new life, winter’s snow, ice, and hoarfrost transform the forest into a breathtaking backdrop. Baker depicts the New Forest full of many-sided beauty. With his focus on the interaction between light, colour, and the landscape, the image selection, composition and lighting give the works irresistible appeal.

Last but not least, owing to the painterly qualities of his works, David Baker was selected as England’s Outdoor Photographer of the Year in 2012.

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Lives and works in Southampton, UK


2012Winner “Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2012” from Outdoor Photographer Magazine, East Sussex, UK


2013Take a view – Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013, National Theatre, London, UK
2013Masters of Vision, Southwell Minster Cathedral, Nottinghamshire, UK
2011Eastleigh Museum, Eastleigh, UK