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With “Glamour III”, collage enters the three-dimensional realm. A combination print and mirror, it opens up a new level of perception – an aesthetic confusion that embraces our desire for illusion. Gaps in the foreground image turn the piece’s backing (a mirror) into a second image of sorts. Depending on the viewing angle, we appear to be in the picture ourselves with elements from our surroundings also reflected in the image. The depth of the frame emphasizes the piece’s almost sculptural quality, allowing it to enter a vibrant dialogue with its surroundings. In a typically delicate way, C.Neeon provide a refreshing look at the world of fashion, adding a new dimension to their collage.


2002‚air-liquid’ collection is exhibited at Levis-Store Buttenheim Berlin
2004 Participation at ‘Beck´s Fashion Experience’ in Berlin. First time with the label name ‘c.neeon’
Participation at ‚Moet et Chandon Fashion Debut’ in Berlin. Winner of the competition ‘Fashion channel’ at Galeries Lafayette Berlin.
Participation at ‚ZKM’ Fashion Show in Karlsruhe
2005 Winner of the ‚Grand Prix’ at the 20th ‚Hyères Festival International de Mode & de Photographie’ in France
Participation at the exhibition ‚moDe!’ within the scope of GermanYear in Tokyo 
Participation at the exhibition ‚Ausgezeichnet’ at the Designcentre of Bremen
Special collection for the British ‘Top Shop’ CompanyPresentation of the s/s collection ‘do you remember the  first time?’ during the London fashion week. It´s part of the New Gen Sponsorship
2006Participation at ‚Ideal’ Fashion-Show in Berlin
Presentation of a/w collection ‚Hashmichmaedchen’ during the London Fashion Week. It´s part of the New gen SponsorshipPresentation during ‘Moda Donna’ being part of the ‘Milano in contra Berlino’ project
Presentation at ‚Create Berlin’ Exhibition in Tokyo
Presentation of a/w collection at Hyères/France
Presentation during ‚EU Young Fashion Summit’ in Vienna
Special Exhibition of ‚c..neeon’ at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
Presentation of the s/s collection ‘local foreigner grz vk59’ during the London fashion week. It´s part of the New Gen Sponsorship