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With his dazzling artworks, Anton Sparx celebrates the world’s most famous diamonds. In his series Vanity, the South American artist does not create exact portraits of these gems. Instead, he focuses on their color and cut, as well as the shimmering effect of these fascinating jewels.

There is a fascinating story behind each of his artworks. After the champagne-colored Braganza was unearthed in Brazil in the 17th century, the King of Portugal had it imported to Lisbon. Napoleon invaded in 1807, and the gem has been missing ever since. But Sparx preserves its beauty for all eternity.

At 41 carats, the Green Dresden is the largest natural green diamond in the world. The history of the priceless jewel can be traced back to 18th century London. It is now on display at Dresden Castle.

The artwork Pink Dream, reinterprets the world-famous “Pink Star Diamond,” an exceptionally rare stone found in South Africa in one of the De Beers mines, in the late 90’s. Its original rough weight was 132.5 carats, making it. In 2013, a New York investor acquired it from a Sotheby’s auction and renamed it “Pink Dream.” In the end, however, the investor was unable to pay the amount he bid, causing a stir in the diamond market and making the Pink Dream one of the most talked-about stones for years. In 2018, it was sold to an anonymous Hong Kong billionaire for 72 million dollars.

The artwork Sun of Africa portrays an equally unique jewel. This vivid, 127-carat fancy yellow diamond was found in 2007 in the Kimberly mines of South Africa. It was then transported to the Netherlands where it was cut and polished. The bright yellow stone is often compared to the famous TIFFANY diamond, which was discovered in 1878 and has been worn by Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga. However, diamond experts say the Sun of Africa is purer, brighter, and larger.

Anton Sparx tells us these captivating stories, completely engaging the viewer with his artworks. His abstract lenticular art pieces are formed by many layers of CGI paintings designed so that, when viewed from slightly different angles, it makes the image appear to come alive. Vanity refers to the concept of human self-reflection and all the exploration it entails. Sparx’s diamonds are mesmerizing in their magnificence!


South American artist Anton Sparx studied architecture in Brazil. His work has featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout South America. Additionally, Sparx has worked with some of the most celebrated artists and architects in the industry for decades.