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Los Angeles-based Andrew Soria loves the pulsating urban landscapes of America’s big cities. In his dense and colour-intensive urban collages, the digital pop-surrealist and photographer focuses on typical architecture, iconic landmarks and small but unusual street scenes. By arranging various motifs, elements, scenes and time segments into a single tableau of simultaneity, his images make a visually overwhelming impression full of layers of semantic meaning and narrative surprises.

In order to depict the individual spirit and unique culture of a particular city or place as intensively as possible, Soria lets himself be guided by chance, wandering through streets and neighbourhoods to capture countless motifs of street photography which he collects in a thematic library. Only then does he process and arrange these individual images, like a puzzle, into a surrealist urban collage, transforming them into a lively potpourri that offers a new perspective of the urban experience. In this way, he reinvents places both spatially and motivistically, reinterpreting them on the basis of his perspectives, preferences and discoveries.

This application of the principles of street photography to the concept of material- and photo-collage turns Las Vegas into an amusement park of sophisticated advertising art. New York, meanwhile, becomes a place of densely crowded abundance, while sunny California is steam-rolled by an outsized Randy’s Donut. Each work reflects the unique penchant for striking images, narratives and compositional rhythm that informs his refreshing and daringly new take on the image as he engages in a bold exploration of its depths and boundaries.

Soria’s works have been exhibited in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Hong Kong and South Korea and have been reprinted in numerous publications.

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2022 Evolve, Scope art fair, see|me gallery, Miami, FL
2022 Pioneer zone, Digital art fair Asia, Hong Kong, CN
2022 The Rebel Exhibition, The Untitled Space, New York, NY
2022 Roots, see|me gallery, New York, NY
2022 Surreal, Santa Clarita Arts, Santa Clarita, CA
2022 Fiction Beyond Nonfiction, Li Tang Gallery, New York, NY
2021 The Local Group Show, Stay Gallery, Downey, CA
2021 Re-Imagining Democracy, Mozaik Philanthropy, Los Angeles, CA
2021 Surreal Salon 13, Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
2020 In Transition, Scopn Transition See Me, Miami, FL
2020 Human, Stay gallery, Downey, CA
2019 Art-in-Neighborhoods, Mosser hotel, San Francisco, CA
2018 Downtown Salon, Snap! Downtown, Orlando, FL
2017 Drinkin’ Smokin’ & Westcoastin’, Think tank, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Endless Summer, AC gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Le Salon, Snap! space, Orlando, FL
2016 Layered, Wyn317, Miami, FL
2015 Noche de Altares, Marcas Gallery, Santa Ana, CA
2015 You are Here, Derek Gores gallery, Melbourne, FL
2015 Structure & Perspective, Snap! space, Orlando, FL
2015 Surreal Salon 7, Baton Rouge gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
2014 A New Slant, Snap! space, Miami, FL
2014 One Year Jubilee, Wyn317, Miami, FL
2014 Group exhibition, Vintro Hotels, Miami Beach, FL
2014 Snap! Attacks, Snap! space, Orlando, FL
2013 Subjects of Splendor, Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL
2013 Hello Again tour, Lincoln Motor Company, Miami, FL