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Infinite Void

2023 / 2023 ANF02
€ 0
22,3 x 15,5

Hands-on, fun, and exciting – digital art for your home.
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Display: 7inch screen acrylic video frame 
Comes with USB-C magnetic custom cable

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Andreas N. Fischer is a leading representative of the digital art movement in Germany. His works make an organic impression and remind the viewer of expressionist art made with the finest brushstrokes – except that, working with digitisation, Fischer has hit upon an entirely different approach. His computer-generated colour games are made using a digital process that the artist merely “sets in motion” but then leaves alone.

As the powerful streams of colour ineluctably flow into one another, their course is nearly impossible to control.

Fischer’s diverse body of work shows how he uses modern means to produce a completely new form of artistic expression. His impressive snapshots, videos and installations point the way for the next generation.

Infinite Void consists of a series of images that were rendered using special generative software. A swarm-like accumulation of particles moves across the surface, leaving behind overlapping traces. Over time, this process creates a unique composition whose development cannot be predicted. The software analyses a sequence of images on the basis of the original colour values, which it then paints using colour like a paintbrush. The paths taken by the various lines are influenced by deterministic randomness. After a predefined period of time, a new image is used as the composition’s starting point and all values determining form and direction of movement are reset. The transition between the images is seamless and barely perceptible. The high degree of abstraction and the intense colours address a wide range of associations, and the seeming void is filled with all the visual associations produced by the imagination.

Ever since his time as a student of art, Andreas Nicolas Fischer (born 1982 in Munich) has explored the physical manifestation of digital processes and data through the use of generative systems.
Fischer is a graduate of professor Joachim Sauter’s course at Berlin University of the Arts. As part of a joint project with SECCA (South-Eastern Center for Contemporary Art) in North Carolina, he presented live-software pieces made in collaboration with the Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra.
He has participated in group and solo exhibitions at 22,48m2 Paris, SECCA in North Carolina, Rua Red in Dublin and DAM (Digital Art Museum) in Berlin. He recently held a solo showing at the IFP Media Center in New York City.
Fischer lives and works in Berlin.

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