Curated Red Art for Sale

Explore our curators' selection of red artworks from the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our collection, and find a modern painting, a glowing magenta fine art print, a rose tinted photograph, or an original framed portrait for your walls!

Red Artworks

According to the experts, red is the flagship color of bold accents. Red is immediately perceived, sensual, evocative of a wide array of emotions, and is the color which most stands out for its ability to create purely aesthetic experience.

Beatrice Hug is a champion of red. In her abstract color portraits, she makes heady use of red, often demonstrating harmony with or resistance to black, blue, and white. Her works, which have an almost monochrome effect, introduce a kind of natural pulse into a room, purely through her use of color.

The bold pallette used by Bernd Uhde is reminiscent of Kandinsky in his reliance on plain geometry. The glowing red on black solar portrait by Juan Fortes uses photography to an almost magical realist effect.

The Curators' Palette: Red Art

Red artwork stands out for for its ability to influence a decor scheme. As part of your living room art design, red can introduce an element of warmth and familiarity. But it can also account for a new and original atmosphere in your home, characterized by vividness, magnetism, and risk.

Recreate the atmosphere of a bright red barn with our collection of farmhouse style artworks - or explore the red and magenta petals in our collection of flower art.

Our entire collections of art prints and photography contain a wealth of original red prints, photographs, painting, and drawing to transform your wall!

Abstract Red Artworks

Christopher Martin's red abstract paintings are a wonderful complement to any entranceway, or to a room that is meant to have a smart but moderated atmosphere. Paintings of portraits in profile by Erin Cone, by contrast, emit an incredible mood of poise and mystery, with their black, red, and white colors, moderated by lines and a carefully calibrated hue.

Curated Selection of red art

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