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Background Information about Yeliza


“I paint personalities with character who radiate a special presence, freshness and inner strength,” says Yeliza. “From love to vanity to sex appeal, I take inspiration from all varieties of femininity and distil that into my vividly colorful pictures.”

Yeliza’s work combines unconventional stylistic elements. Hair melts into a rainbow of vibrant colors while the background remains monochrome in typical Pop Art style. The faces have a sculptural appearance, feeling almost as though they are chiseled from stone. This imbues her large-format acrylic paintings with something monumental – there is an exciting contrast within the pieces.

Through her unexpected compositions, Yeliza brings contradictions together. The artist celebrates diversity, making a statement with her multifaceted pieces. “The paintings show the most diverse body types, ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities,” Yeliza says. At the same time, she wants to create a female image free from societal pressures. “I believe in women and feminism. That is why my Poster Girls won’t let themselves be pigeon-holed.” It is quite possibly this freeing, affirmative spirit that makes us feel inexplicably connected to these works of art.


Yeliza was born in Ukraine. She studied there at the School of Art, specializing in classical, realistic painting. Her work has featured in solo exhibitions in Berlin and at international art fairs in Leipzig, London, and Venice. Yeliza lives and works in Berlin.