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Terrence Zhang

Background Information about Terrence Zhang


Terrance Zhang’s work takes a fascinating look at modern Chinese architecture. In a new series of works, he examines sports facilities on the Tianjin University campus, which were built in 2015 and are spectacular examples of the country’s architectural zeitgeist. In these pieces, light and form interact in a special way: complementing each other to create unique visions. Drawing on extensive experience, Zhang works with a great understanding of geometry and scale.

Terrence Zhang is an award-winning, world-class specialist in architectural photography. He is passionate about finding balance and new aesthetics in architectural spaces. Over time, he has developed his own style, capturing images that show strength and beauty.

The artworks selected for the LUMAS collection were winners at the Architecture Photography Awards and were also selected as the best architectural photographs of 2017 in Berlin. This is the most prestigious contest of its ilk, attracting architecture and photography connoisseurs from all around the globe.

With the striking images Zhang produces for himself and on commission for reputed architecture studios (AEDAS, BENOY, HOK, NBBJ, BDP, HASSELL, Woodsbagot, SASAKI MSP, Atelier Lixinggang, et al.), he is definitely one to watch.