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Artful contrasts melting together in the evening sun: cold stone bathed in warm twilight; earthy colors that play around cool water surfaces. Modern aesthetics of clear lines and straight surfaces, interrupted by the sweeping shapes of classic vintage cars. A deserted ambience that is at the same time brimming with personality: Sophia Winter's aesthetic creations exude an irresistible, luxurious charm. Behind the glassy pool surfaces, however, lie sophisticated creations that go into depth: Her series is a sensual study of society. Under her artist's name, the sociology graduate from Los Angeles explores the spirit and lifestyle of California from an aesthetic point of view. Socialized in a society ruled by innovation, the artist has been inspired by her immediate environment not only in terms of her subject matter, but also her technical approach: Using complex AI tools, she succeeds in giving visual expression to her socio-psychological observations. Free of judgement, yet with a critical eye, her works reflect the zeitgeist in a world characterized by glamour and progress.
The artist uses digital tools, which are usually used to generate a touch of surrealism and realize parallel worlds, to create astonishingly photorealistic impressions – in an environment illuminated by the Hollywood’s glow and dominated by the pursuit of perfection. In this way, she subtly integrates a meaningful friction between a real illusory world and generated reality.
Under the title “Cars and Pools”, she explores status symbols over time with subtlety and technical precision, shedding light on the transformation and existence of materialistic goods. The cars she creates are not real models, but rather idealized forms. By deliberately omitting drivers, it is as if the vehicle embodies its respective owner. In this way, Sophia Winters alludes to the almost symbiotic relationship between people and cars, which define each other. Without depicting a single person, she expressively breathes life into noble scenes, provoking reflection on ideas of value and happiness, individuality, property, and status. She creates a complex interplay of metaphorical ambiguity and pure aesthetics: pool surfaces smooth as mirrors reflecting a glamor-focused society – and classic cars with alluring vintage charm as a metaphor for the question of which direction we want to move in.