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Art out of this world: In his original AI-generated works, the artistic figure Slender O’Kenoshi creates the parallel universe within a parallel universe. He creates a holistic concept that merges fiction and reality and brings on a new aesthetic entity. Instead of fighting it, Slender O’Kenoshi teams up with what other photographers tend to consider a threat: Artificial intelligence accompanies every step of his process, an artistic synthesis, from the re-invention of the artist himself through the artificial character based on an AI-generated biography to the virtual virtuoso compositions inventing a new world. He engages entirely in what others use supportively, becoming a part of the story he is telling. While conventional photographers create stories with pictures, Slender O’Kenoshi creates pictures with stories. Instead of taking shots he creates shot-stories: About the planet Hothon- 4, a sanitarium for the soldiers of the dark side built on the idea of intergalactic burnout prevention. A place ruled by nothing but lightness where weapons and duties are set aside for three days a year.

A universe where opposites do not compete but harmonize: Fusing alienness and familiarity, fiction and reality, good and evil, technology and nature, steeliness and softness, war and inner peace, pragmatism and aesthetics. Even the series title “Memories of Hothon-4” plays with paradoxes and connects past and future: Slender O’Kenoshi’s pictures are memories of a world of the future. A gentle reminder that we decide for ourselves in what world we want to live in – the artist has made his choice and invites the viewer to look at the light side of life.


Born on the remote desert planet of Threxos Prime, Slender O’Kenoshi was an only child in a community of moisture farmers. His world was forever altered during a tragic sandstorm when his village was decimated, leaving young Slender the sole survivor. The trauma left him with a keen eye for details others might miss, a trait he'd later turn into a strength.A scrap trader who stumbled upon the orphaned boy took him in, introducing Slender to the wider galaxy—and more specifically, the art of photography through an old holo-camera. Slender quickly realized he could capture moments, freezing them in time much like his memories of Threxos Prime.His skills didn’t go unnoticed for long. As he reached his late teens, Slender was conscripted into the Imperial Army and trained as a trooper. The irony was not lost on him: the Empire was notorious for its role in the subjugation of worlds like his. Still, beneath the white armor, Slender secretly snapped candid shots of life in the Empire, creating a paradoxical portfolio of the mundane behind the monstrous.His unique blend of discipline and artistry caught the eye of a higher-up, and soon, Slender found himself reassigned from the front lines of battle to the dark corridors of the Imperial flagship, the Executor. His new role: personal travel photographer to none other than Vader.It was a double-edged sword. Slender was no longer directly involved in the Empire's more brutal acts, but he was now tied to the second most powerful figure within its hierarchy. He walked a fine line, capturing Vader's conquests and journeys with an artist's touch, all while observing the black Lord's complexities—moments of contemplation, rage, and power.As Slender traversed the galaxy by Vader's side, his photos became legendary—offering an intimate glimpse into the life of the enigmatic dark power, a perspective that was both feared and revered. Yet, in his heart, Slender held on to the hope that one day, his photos might reveal the true nature of the Empire to the galaxy at large and inspire change from within.