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With an extensive background in graphics, Hunter’s works unite the principles of design and painting in bold new ways, placing equal emphasis on the construction of the image – the lines, the textures, the application of the paint – as the image itself. He is a vocal proponent of art free from ego. Utilitarian in outlook, his works are designed to be to be hung in homes, seen by all, and lived around.

The moment he begins creation of a new work, he considers how it will appear and function in its real-world context, displayed in a home. The color schemes, shapes, composition – every element is carefully considered before the paint is applied. While inspired by graphic design and pop art, Hunter’s process is entirely analog, carefully layering acrylic paints by hand to create his abstract works. The subtle power of his artworks in their balance between striking, bold color and intentionally ambiguous subtext, leaving them open to interpretation and discussion.
Inspired by the dense layering of street posters, the abstract works in Traffic Series consist of multiple coats of acrylic paint, creating hypnotizing combinations of pattern and texture. Traffic stands at the intersection of design and art, combining the precise lines and flat color of 20th-Century graphic design with a natural, hand-painted style.
Hunter’s painting technique places his works squarely in the realm of fine art, imbuing his geometric compositions with a decidedly human element. 


Born in the Netherlands in 1973, Hunter studied visual design before embarking on a successful career as a graphic designer. Having painted his whole life, he eventually began exhibiting his works. The demand he received from these early shows allowed him turn to painting full-time and launch his career as an artist. In just 10 years, his works have achieved acclaim and renown throughout the contemporary art world – he has now sold and exhibited his art in 58 countries. Hunter lives and works in Rotterdam, where he recently opened his own gallery.