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Pamela Hanson

Pamela Hanson’s photo book “Girls” characterises a generation of young women – at times shy, at times flirtatious, yet also confident and sensual. It emerged as a résumé of photographs she has taken for labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret over many years, and is distinctive in how it preserves the natural look of the models. They appear neither exalted nor arrogant, but rather fresh and disarmingly uncomplicated.

To Hanson, beauty is not found in the delicate and deliberate depiction of luxury, but in authenticity. Even her intimate portraits of celebrities such as Stella Tenant, Carla Bruni, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria are shaped by a natural look, with little make-up and few accessories. When Hanson decides to conduct her photo-shoots in bustling street scenes in London, Paris, or New York, what emerges are photographic moments full of lightness, shaped by a relaxed, refreshing atmosphere.
Christina Wendenburg


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Born in London, UK
Fine Art Studies, University of Colorado
Lives and works in New York, USA


2007Boys & Girls, Blitz Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2006Pamela Hanson, The Fireplace Project, East Hampton, New York, USA
2000Pamela Hanson, Galerie Acte 2, Paris, France
2012The Best of Everything, Electric Works, San Francisco, USA
2011Una Obra De Arte Obra Una Vida, Raiña Lupa, Barcelona, Spain
Tanto Tempo Collection 2011 Summer, TantoTempo, Kobe, Japan
Traummänner, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany
2009Gallery Selections, Blitz Gallery, Tokio, Japan
2008Traumfrauen – 50 Starfotografen zeigen ihre Vision von Schönheit, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany
2003Women, Trauma & Visual Expression, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, USA