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New York City. No matter where you go in the world, everybody already has their own mental image of The Big Apple. They have seen its skyline and landmarks a million times in magazines, on TV, and in the movies. For photographers, it is a huge challenge to present New York from a new perspective. Navid Baraty does just that, putting his own poetic twist on The City That Never Sleeps.

Fueled by profound curiosity and a love of travel, Baraty is determined to visit all seven continents to capture dramatic landscapes and cities from great heights. He is always on the lookout for unique perspectives in order to show us aspects of these places that traditionally remain unseen. In the aptly titled series Hidden City, he conveys a wealth of emotions arising from the location and its residents. Reflections on skyscraper facades add to the sense of place. We see objects and places that are familiar, but presented in a manner that is not.

Baraty views photography as more than just finding the perfect composition, striving to capture: “a passing moment forever frozen in time, an enduring echo of a memory.” “Hidden City 1” perfectly illustrates this intention. The strict composition and vanishing point create the fleeting sensation of being in a tunnel of steel beams and glassy windows. Gradually we get our bearings and make sense of these surroundings – an experience remarkably similar to stepping into the hustle and bustle of this pulsing metropolis. Baraty has perfectly transmitted the essence of the place.


After first embarking on career in engineering, Navid Baraty followed his passion for photography for more fulfilling work. His work has featured in international publications; large-scale installations; and exhibitions from coast to coast in the USA as well as in Spain, Germany, and Colombia. He has numerous awards to his name including being one of the winners in the London International Creative Competition. Baraty works all over the world, but is based out of Brooklyn.