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Naomi Yang

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Blaublut Edition is the premier European archive for contemporary photography, representing the most recognized fashion, beauty and life-style photographers.

From avant garde, surrealist moments and provocative points of view to elegant intimacy and expressions of longing and seduction, women are the focal point in the selection for LUMAS. What unifies these images is the mysterious narrative embedded in visual excellence. Inspiring, elegant and erotic, each image takes us on an exciting journey into the world of staged photography.

Naomi Yang

Naomi Yang transforms the street into a runway. Haute couture and delicate lace contrast with the urban charm of an industrial district. We see a nymph-like beauty standing in front of a plain brick building. She gazes into the distance, daydreaming and yet full of determination. Yang is able to combine clashing aesthetic elements into remarkable compositions, creating her own visual language that has already drawn attention in numerous international fashion magazines.