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Marc Fischer shows the artistic side of symmetry, the expressive side of minimalism and the extraordinary side of the ordinary: his play with contrasts creates elegant reinterpretations of the world around us. With his captivating sense of aesthetics and clarity, the photographer bathes the familiar in artful light – and in strong shadows.
Against a serene blue sky, Marc Fischer breathes picturesque life into simple house facades. He masterfully interplays intense contrasts and clear forms, turning everyday views into pure aesthetics – in an unmistakable style that has been compared to great painters such as Edward Hopper, Jeffrey Smart, David Hockney and René Magritte. Flawless shadows, soothing colors and intense contrasts result in compositions with depth and an unconventional charm. They reflect the artist's tireless search for vibrant moments in the city. He proves how colorful and multifaceted our surroundings can be – if you only know the right angles. For the photographer, a composition is of value when it is repeatedly convincing: both at the moment the picture is taken and at the moment of editing. Inspired by the pulsating energy of cities and the tranquility of landscapes, he devotes himself with each work to encourage us to take a closer look. Thus, he multiplies the impressions we absorb when we walk through the streets.
An artist has a special view of the world. He sees the special in the familiar. The meticulous attention to detail combined with the innovative perspectives that Marc Fischer adopts reveal new dimensions of the buildings that catch his eye. He lets us look at the world through his artistic view: from unusual angles, and with different eyes. He transforms what we know into something we have never seen before – and adds an irresistible allure to the world around us.


The German artist has been working as a professional photographer since 2008, specializing in fashion and trade fair photography. In 2019, he broke new artistic ground by exploring and staging his home city of Düsseldorf in an unusual way, prompted by his passion and sense for geometric shapes. The resounding project was the beginning of a successful career in artistic architectural photography. Since then, he has masterfully visualized various discoveries in several German cities; his work has received numerous awards and has been exhibited internationally.


From concept to creation: How do you approach your work?
A subject has to catch my attention at two different times – once when I actually take the photo and once when I start editing the image.
When I take photographs, I sometimes have something in mind beforehand that I am specifically looking for, or I walk through a city with an "open eye" and let my spontaneous impulses guide me. I have a great fondness for geometry; I pay attention to lines and surfaces, light and shadow. A strong, interesting shadow always gives a picture more depth for me – in the truest sense of the word and metaphorically speaking.
However, each of the pictures I take also has to attract my attention a second time, namely when I look at the photographs I have taken and want to start editing them. Here I already have a different perspective on the images, but I basically apply similar aspects and standards in order to decide on an image and the corresponding editing. Of the ideas I originally had in mind, however, not everything works out the way I had imagined. Or things that didn't convince me when I was taking the photos suddenly look completely different and art is created.

Which artist would you like to have coffee with and what would you talk about?
Luis Barragán – I would like to talk to him about his understanding of form and color. Especially for the time in which he worked, I think it was completely unique – and it's still relevant today. I would also like to talk to him about being the first to take photos for his next project ;– )

How did you develop an interest in art?

Relatively late. I've always had a penchant for aesthetics and beauty, for example in the interior design of my home and of course in my previous job as a fashion photographer. But it wasn't until about 10 years ago that I discovered my love of art, visited museums more and more often and developed an interest in artists until I finally decided to go in this direction myself about four years ago.
I am a career jumper in photography. I had no idea how diverse this industry is. I was still very young and at that time I had the somewhat naive idea that photography was exclusively, or at least to a large extent, fashion photography. This area was also interesting and exciting for me. So, I set up my own business and landed my first jobs as a photographer in the fashion photography / editorial sector – from then on I worked successfully in the fashion industry for many years.
In search of myself and a new perspective, I took my first steps on a new path in 2019. I explored my hometown of Düsseldorf in a completely new way. I wanted to take a different perspective, see things that I had never seen before, that no one else had ever seen before. That was my introduction to artistic architectural photography. I gradually expanded my radius and discovered other cities in this way.
I quickly realized that the combination of photography and movement gave me the satisfaction that I had been missing and unconsciously searching for in previous years. With every picture, every new city, more light and color came into my life. Thanks to social media, my pictures spread all over the world, the response was great and encouraged me to show even more of how varied, colorful and artistic the architecture of my home country is. How colorful our world can be if you just look at it from the right angle.

Who in your life influences you the most?
My wife. She is my greatest anchor and my greatest inspiration. She has not only accompanied me on my "new" path right from the start, but actively supported me. She saw things when I wasn't yet convinced myself. And she has an understanding of what I'm doing, so I can exchange ideas with her and ask her for feedback. And at the same time, she is the complete opposite of me in many ways – both in terms of her character and her professional background. And that's what makes it so valuable for both of us.

What is your greatest passion, aside from art?
Sport is very important to me and even essential for my art, especially running. It's a great way to clear my head, recharge my batteries and create capacity for new creativity.

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm working on more pictures; I have lots of ideas that I want to realize. I still have a lot of unedited pictures, especially from my last trip to Spain. I also have various short-term and longer-term projects that I'm working on. I'm also thinking about publishing a book because there's a high demand for it. I'm also working on other projects for you, LUMAS, to expand my portfolio here. You can be very excited about that. Privately, I'm currently awaiting the birth of our son together with my wife – that's not work, of course, but it's certainly an engaging project ;–)