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Blaublut Edition is the premier European archive for contemporary photography, representing the most recognized fashion, beauty and life-style photographers.

From avant garde, surrealist moments and provocative points of view to elegant intimacy and expressions of longing and seduction, women are the focal point in the selection for LUMAS. What unifies these images is the mysterious narrative embedded in visual excellence. Inspiring, elegant and erotic, each image takes us on an exciting journey into the world of staged photography.

Manuel Pandalis

"To me, beauty is only revealed when a person lets you in. It’s actually the rough edges – those alleged little flaws and shortcomings – that make a person an individual. They show the beauty beneath the surface, which I find to be the only interesting part.” Manuel Pandalis.

No makeup, no poses, and hardly any post-processing – Manuel Pandalis knows how to take a stand with his photography. His pieces are unique within the realm of fashion photography in that, to him, the model is less of a surface onto which he can project his concepts and more of an individual who takes centre stage. His conscious proclivity to black-and-white photography underscores his natural approach; he uses a Leica S2 to create a shallow depth of field that accentuates his models’ supposed flaws. One might describe his work as “honest” photography, since it shows things as they truly are. The Hamburg photographer’s refreshingly different style and unmistakable photographs have already been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications.


Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany


2014Pure, Leica Gallery L.A., Los Angeles, USA
2014Leica Gallery Washington DC, Washington DC, USA
2001Pure, Leica Galerie Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany