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Lorenz Holder enhances architectural masterpieces and natural wonders by adding an extra dimension of awe to them: as a visionary of fine art, architectural and extreme sports photography, he merges different aesthetics into distinctive harmonious compositions. He integrates athletes in motion into locations that are already radiant with an electrifying dynamic: such as historically valuable buildings like La Muralla Roja – a surreal monument to postmodernism overlooking Costa Blanca, designed by Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill. Architectural historians consider his creations to be among the most impressive buildings of the 20th century. Pastel delicacy forms the foundation of the castle-like grandeur. Rumor has it that in this place, you can experience the brightness of a day that knows neither time nor clocks. It is as if the endless steps of the building complex allow visitors to become part of M.C. Escher's graphics of impossible staircases – a figure that spirals back into itself and creates the illusion of infinity.  The Muralla Roja turns illusion into vision; impossible infinity seems to open a door to a realm of limitless possibilities. In places like this, Lorenz Holder bring his ideas to life.  
The award-winning photographer recognizes the potential of clear lines and symmetries which unfolds in combination with refined lighting in his works. At the same time, he makes us see the human being in relation to nature. Whether he sets off for a crystal-clear Bavarian mountain lake, enters a labyrinthine garden or an iconic Catalan building – his mesmerizing photographs in luminous pastel shades have a magnetic effect on the viewer, taking him to unbelievably beautiful places and right to the very edge of reality. The challenge in sports photography is to sense the perfect timing and the ideal combination of apertures to freeze the ephemeral and fluid nature of stunning motion. Lorenz Holder has mastered this craft, his stagings capture entire stories in a single shot and enable the viewer to have an experience that not only comes impressively close to the real experience but surpasses it in intensity with surprising elements.
In the poem La Muralla Roja by José Agustín Goytisolo, the most important Catalan writer of his time, it says: "Without knowing it, you have come here to find yourself." See for yourself – and experience the unexpected in Lorenz Holder's reallife parallel worlds.


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