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Loooop Studio depicts natural subjects with a unique flair. Through the medium of minimalist line art, they create timeless, artistic portraits of nature. Their works often feature multi-phase (lentikular technology) – a method that transforms single-line drawings into dynamic visual experiences. As the viewer’s eye moves across the artwork, so too does the design itself. This signature theme of white outlines moving against a black background has made Loooop Studio internationally renowned. With just a single line, they conjure up living creatures in front of our eyes.

The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. Its spring-loaded body can propel it to speeds of up to 93km/h. To depict the full beauty of these creatures, an artist needs to capture this sense of movement. The multi-phase (lentikular technology) is an ideal artistic method for portraying motion and speed, as it allows for multiple separate images to be contained within a single artwork. The visible image then subtly changes as the viewer moves around the work. In this way, the speed and grace of these animals is brought to life on the canvas.

Line drawings have long played an essential role in the history of European art. Picasso’s single-line drawings of animals, harlequins and dancers are still highly sought-after, while Henri Matisse famously needed just one line to create vivid portraits of women, full of emotion and charm. Today, Loooop Studio is using lenticular technology to write a new chapter in the history of line drawing. The creative flow and spontaneous energy inherent in the form is distilled through the lenticular method into a compelling experience that the viewer can enjoy again and again.