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The young, London-based still life photographer Lacey assisted renowned photographer Tim Walker as a stylist on fashion shoots for five years. During this time she began to develop her unique style of “constructed images”. Her still life photographs emerged through experiments, such as with an evening gown made entirely from paper, or stage scenery constructed from recycled packaging. Whether a grand stage or a tiny miniature, the images reveal the fantastical playfulness of Lacey’s visionary ideas.

Without the help of digital editing, Lacey produces colour-intensive images that are both minimalistic and surreal. Through intriguing slopes, rich colours and a narrative style that ranges from the slightly absurd to the surreal, she provokes curiosity about her unusual situations. The viewers sense her deceptive transformation and find themselves confronted with symbolic picture puzzles.

Christina Wendenburg


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1976Born in London, UK
Studied Graphic Design at London College of Printing, London, UK
Assistant to Tim Walker
Lives and works in New York, USA and London, UK