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London fashion photographer Julia Kennedy creates memorable images that: are colourful and loud, have an eccentric edge, and demand our attention. With stylistic references to prominent figures like Miles Aldridge and David LaChapelle, she has developed her own distinctive aesthetic approach.

In a spectacular, overloaded style, Kennedy presents a picnic with a city skyline in the background. The wild combination of patterns and the garishly illuminated setting turn the image into a puzzle for the viewer. The model’s dress blends into the opulent cushions and covered landscape the way camouflage might. On closer inspection, we notice individual details: the plastic pineapple, ham, and record player.

The woman’s seductive look, which we know quite well from fashion magazines, is juxtaposed with subtle ironic details in the background: a hedge sculpture in the shape of a snail, children jumping over a sprinkler, a young man with shears dressed for anything but gardening. Julia Kennedy cleverly challenges the visual expectations and clichés of fashion photography. With an eye for detail, the photographer stages wonderful images charged with irony and nostalgia.

Daniela Kummle


Julia Kennedy studied at Manchester Metropolitan University before moving to London and beginning her career as a fashion and beauty photographer. Her clients include household names such as Harper’s Bazaar and Harrods.